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Nothing here's "necessary." It's a recreational internet forum. It is STYLEforum, so I chimed in.
...which is exactly why high-waisted skirts and pants have come back into fashion for women.   My advice: Stop trying to hide it, and get into shape.
Rather than putting time into learning about and managing your own image, you can pay someone else to do it for you.   Why have a personal chef (or even eat in restaurants) when you can prepare meals for yourself? Why have a personal driver when you can drive yourself? Why use a barber shop when you can cut your hair yourself? Why have a personal trainer, when you can safely learn on your own?    Someone will probably try to rationalize and differentiate image...
Very nice collection, but those shirts are butt-ugly.
Someone may have stolen it. The likely problem is that they didn't load it onto the driver's truck. At the end of the day, the driver probably just assumed that he/she had delivered it because it wasn't in the truck. You'll probably get it this week.
Very nice. I thought about buying those during the 2/$250, but it would have been forced; I don't really like the dark brown, and there weren't any other shoes in the sale that I really wanted.
+1 to different models having different measurements. On top of that, you can't trust those ebay measurements. If you're not sure, then you should ask the seller for specific info.
He asked a question involving e.d. I mentioned e.d. You suggested a sexual favor. I guess that's the natural progression for some people...again, not suggesting anything.
No, but it's a little odd that you went in that direction...I'm not calling you a queer. I'm just saying that it's odd  
This should save you some time:
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