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You say "command of the English language," I say "edit-job that makes a made up story sound even more made up," aka "trying too hard on the internet."  You just went against your own motto :-)
Besides this site, I don't look at other people's clothes closely enough to be able to make that call. Unless you're a woman, I probably won't even notice what you're wearing. When I do notice, it usually doesn't go any further than basic fit issues (pants length, shoulder fit). That's usually enough for me to move on.   For those who do actually analyze other people's clothes in real life, most of them can't tell shxt. They don't have x-ray vision, and they usually...
Not to mention, no one says things like "people naturally gravitate to whoever matches their preconception of the person they feel they should be dealing...blah, blah, blah." I don't know if it makes him seem like a tool, but it definitely makes him seem like a dude who tries too hard in his posts.
lol....maybe for a tiny little guy like you it is
...was about the say the same thing...dummy doesn't know what movie he just watched.
If it's not a full suit, then return it. It looks like you're wearing a peacoat.
Longer arms and a VERY SLIM waist. It seems like most shirts are made for fat, Mini-Me's. I have long arms, and I want my clothes to show that I work out. Sometimes, you have to trade off between slim waist and arm length, or the waist will be nice and slim, but the chest will be a few inches too tight.
As long as you're within the range of acceptable outfits, your dress won't disqualify you. I've never made a selection based on which candidate's outfit was more "SF Approved." However, I'm sure that there are some people out there who would. "Likeability" is a major factor in differentiating top-performers. Some people may like you more/less based on your outfit. IMO, the solution is to just be better than everyone else. If you're clearly better than the competition (and...
+1   /end thread
First: Stop doing "YMCA" in your fit pictures. Second: The pants are WAY too long, and the sleeves are a bit long as well. You have a roll below the collar. The jacket has front-to-back balance issues.
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