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If you're the owner, then put owner.
I just took a look at the B&R website. The 2-piece that they have listed is $1,800. I'm guessing/hoping that I'm missing something. You guys didn't pay that much for these....did you?
+1 to this....economics 101.
They don't respond because they know that you'll run to your computer and bad-mouth them online.
No one's going to notice or care, but my personal taste says that the burgundy tie will look good.
There's always a small imperfection with everything. I just don't think twice about the really small ones, so it's like they don't exist, and I'm essentially "completely" happy.
You say "command of the English language," I say "edit-job that makes a made up story sound even more made up," aka "trying too hard on the internet."  You just went against your own motto :-)
Besides this site, I don't look at other people's clothes closely enough to be able to make that call. Unless you're a woman, I probably won't even notice what you're wearing. When I do notice, it usually doesn't go any further than basic fit issues (pants length, shoulder fit). That's usually enough for me to move on.   For those who do actually analyze other people's clothes in real life, most of them can't tell shxt. They don't have x-ray vision, and they usually...
Not to mention, no one says things like "people naturally gravitate to whoever matches their preconception of the person they feel they should be dealing...blah, blah, blah." I don't know if it makes him seem like a tool, but it definitely makes him seem like a dude who tries too hard in his posts.
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