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I'm not too familiar with SuitSupply, but I'd assumed this. The full-canvass alone seems like it would add at least an extra $150-$200 over half-canvassed rtw...emphasis on "AT LEAST."
...not sure, but if they franchise, wouldn't it make more sense to contact THEM?
If you have a fit/muscular build, then a really slim polo works great for the summer. Old Navy slim fit polos are good IMO. Paying more than about $15 is a waste of money. ON polos can be found between $12 and $15. Some things aren't worth paying premium prices for.
Peaks are fine, but that looks like an orphan. Of course, it may look more textured in person.
+1 If you're going for a tight fit (not slim, tight), then you nailed it. I'm guessing that it feels very restricting and hot in the upper-body.
To be honest with you, every suit in those pictures looks like shxt. Some of them look a little less shxtty than the rest, but I'd be very disappointed with all of them.
I would have gotten working buttonholes to begin with rather than going through this jazz. If you have to pay to get them added, then skip it.
....agreed. Take the time to look over those things, and directly address any concerns that you have BEFORE accepting the overseas position. Get the conclusions added to your employment agreement.
You can get recruited without being in a 5-year program. Why are you majoring in Business Administration instead of Accounting?
New Posts  All Forums: