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Unless you got a great discount, I'd return them. Why'd it take so long for delivery?
That's an interesting point. I've got a few pairs of seconds, and all but the first pair (from 2010) look perfect. The first pair that I bought had clearly been tried on, and had some creasing. The last few don't show any signs of ever being outside of the boxes.
I'd say that almost anyone who's a regular reader of a thread like this one probably won't pay full retail for the items being discussed. First, you learn about why the product is so expensive. If you buy it, then you stick around. Then, you learn about ways to get it for less. From what I've seen, that's the way that it works in most threads for these types of items.
I received my walnut Franciscans and bourbon Hanovers today. GREAT!!!
  They grew on me. The bourbon Hanover became my favorite shoe on the website, so I'm glad that I was able to get them. At that price, they're much more reasonable. I picked up a pair of walnut Franciscans too.
       As a closing book-end to this conversation from "way back when," I just purchased a bourbon pair for $242.
  Yep...Last night, I copped two pairs (for sizing). I thought about sleeping on it, but now I'm glad that I didn't!
You got fxcked. Don't trust sales associates. They'll say anything to avoid saying "I don't know."
lol...What's "subtle" about telling you exactly what's happening? mohair + wool = unclear/subtle?
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