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I remember that too...fxcking ridiculous.
    LOL! This is hilarious. I'm glad that I'm not a small. LOL!
I thought the same thing, but I didn't think that it was a fight worth starting, lol...
More pics and details?
I've never experienced that. How does it happen? What pieces are rubbing against each other?
Amoks were discounted and sold at a great discount about a month ago. I got a few pairs. Unless you can find someone who's selling them, you're shxt out of luck. They replaced it with a similar boot. I'm not sure if it comes in snuff, and I can't remember the name of it. Check out the website.
The same place as the top button on a suit jacket.
No it's not. The fact that you ran to the internet to complain says it all, lol...
This is one of the most widely applicable quotes to SF that I've seen.
I tried the same thing with BB and RL shoes. 2/$250 instead of $149 each.
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