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I've only gotten one pair of AE seconds that had noticeable issues (Merlot McAllister), and that was only because they were creased (likely from being tried on in a store). I kept them because of the price ($150) and the fact that I didn't want to go through the hassle of sending them back and waiting for another delivery. They would have looked the same way after I wore them. All of my other AE seconds have looked perfect to me...granted, I'm not as critical of shoes as...
       I think that these cover it.
H&M $12 a pop...srs.
Ignore this. Do it for the lawlz.
lol...This is hilarious...thought about sig'ing it.
Oooh shnap!
What stops people from creating those threads now? Are you saying that they get buried too quickly or that people just don't start them? I agree with your last sentence. I'm probably not the die-hard that some responders are, but I don't see any big problems with the forum. These days, I pop in specifically for a few main threads. If I see an interesting, new topic, then great.
 Go to http://www.thetiebar.com/ (The Tie Bar)There are a lot of nice gift ideas in your budget. You'll have to wait for shipping, but if you pay for express shipping, then you can probably get the package for Christmas. Buy the 3 inch ones. Here are two nice options: http://www.thetiebar.com/order_page.asp?pn=33525 http://www.thetiebar.com/order_page.asp?pn=33523
That's not true for most major corporations. Most of them won't disclose much other than employee start and end dates because of the risk of being sued for giving the exact info that you mentioned. Actually try it, and let us know how it worked out. Letting you play "Go Fish" with an employee's record is as risky as outright telling you, and they aren't motivated to risk it. HR policies vary, but they're usually pretty strict about this. Ground-level people just aren't...
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