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  I've only seen the Military last offered in Japan and Europe. I think these look even more blunt because of the extra mass of the real cap toe set against the relatively fine outline of the sole.   I have seen the 379x referred to as Alden's Military last, but I can't confirm that it's the same. I'm curious about that too. Anyone?   I will keep the sole, at least for a while, as the weather is generally bad where I live. When it's time to resole, I'll get...
The Military last is not the same as the Modified last. They feel like the Barrie, just with more room at the toe, and are not as roomy overall as the Modified.
Yes. Definitely not the Trubalance last. Maybe Alden messed up on the MTO for this boot as well? From reading through this thread, sounds like they have a tendency to do that.   However, I think the military last suits the makeup very, very well. They really look like well preserved 1940's boots. I should know. I bought them on ebay.
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