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Ah right, fair enough.
Is there a delay with orders at the moment? website says normally 3 working days to make and 2 to ship but I'm on day 7 and order still says unfulfilled
That is correct, I have the 206b and 200b's, I thought you meant that perhaps my 206bs were 202s so I apologise as it was me who misunderstood. I must say I do like those Richmonds, something tells me you may have just cost my wallet a further £175 ;) I have decided I will purchase the sydney monks and make a decision on closer inspection whether to return or send them to church for renovating.
Nah its definitely 206b, they are also discontinued. I will look into then when i get home :-)
Im not 100% decided yet, I want a pair of brown brogue shoes as at the moment I have the loake 200b toe cap, loake 206b semi brogues and if I do decide to go ahead Ill also have the black church sydney monks.
Yeah it is a pair that ive wanted for quite a while and the saving allows me to buy a pair of loakes as well so its tempting to do, jusy a matter of how new they can get them looking based on peoples experiences, the uppers itself are in good nick its just the soles mainly nd i want to get the insoles done for the second hand reason.
Ive found a pair of now discontinued church sydney monk shoes that have been well worn for £40 and i can get them refurbished direct fron church for £90 including the insoles, heelsocks and pads saving me £145 if i were to buy brand new. Do you guys think its a good idea?
I am looking for a nice pair of shoes to wear business casual with grey trousers, jeans etc. Do you guys think these will work well or should I look for a darker colour? they are £180/$300 with goodyear welting.   http://www.johnlewis.com/346510/Product.aspx   I already own these:
Just placed my first order for a M2M warzone white oxford, will post pictures once received.
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