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I instinctively wrote Oxfords even though they have open stitching hahaI've tried cleaning them up using avel cream and saphir polish but no good unfortunately, maybe I'm just lousy at it. Will they be able to get rid of the gauging then?
Do you guys think these shoes are salvageable if I were to get them cleaned up by the shoemakers themselves? They are my favourite pair of oxfords so they've seen a lot of use however my heavy and clumsy footing has caused them to get light gauges and scuffs on the side of the toe area. Even with creams and polishes that rival the cost of the common mans shoes and brushed and tree'd after each use this is something I struggle with avoiding other than being very selective...
Ah right, fair enough.
Is there a delay with orders at the moment? website says normally 3 working days to make and 2 to ship but I'm on day 7 and order still says unfulfilled
That is correct, I have the 206b and 200b's, I thought you meant that perhaps my 206bs were 202s so I apologise as it was me who misunderstood. I must say I do like those Richmonds, something tells me you may have just cost my wallet a further £175 ;) I have decided I will purchase the sydney monks and make a decision on closer inspection whether to return or send them to church for renovating.
Nah its definitely 206b, they are also discontinued. I will look into then when i get home :-)
Im not 100% decided yet, I want a pair of brown brogue shoes as at the moment I have the loake 200b toe cap, loake 206b semi brogues and if I do decide to go ahead Ill also have the black church sydney monks.
Yeah it is a pair that ive wanted for quite a while and the saving allows me to buy a pair of loakes as well so its tempting to do, jusy a matter of how new they can get them looking based on peoples experiences, the uppers itself are in good nick its just the soles mainly nd i want to get the insoles done for the second hand reason.
Ive found a pair of now discontinued church sydney monk shoes that have been well worn for £40 and i can get them refurbished direct fron church for £90 including the insoles, heelsocks and pads saving me £145 if i were to buy brand new. Do you guys think its a good idea?
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