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 They have done them for the past few seasons but the cut, fabric and colour have been different each season.
Moto is a keeper but the black paint comes off the zipper too easily which bugs me. Kinda like the iphone 5 problem. Maybe they will fix it and bring out a new version soon!
Bought the wool bomber in-store yesterday in a 36. Love the ultra minimal design. It's not all that cropped - not compared to last year's Moto jacket which I also own. The material is really nice and quite substantial for the money. Like the blue black colour. It has light shoulder padding which give it a bit of a design edge. The fit is standard rather than slim which I think suits the style. Will go nicely with the elasticated trousers that I also picked up. Overall...
Hi, are these pants still available to buy?  Thanks
Hi, I would like to buy these Cos gloves if they are still available?
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