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 The EQ3 Reverie? I bought and took delivery of it a couple months ago. It's good for my fiancee and myself, but I personally would have destroyed it as a child. It's a good couch for adults to hang out on and whatever, but I don't think it would function very well as a trampoline or improvised play structure for kids. I can now understand why my parents waited till my brother and I were adults before buying leather furniture.
Here's a recent photo of my black wool MA-1, hope this helps for thread content  
I've only been buying j.crew for a couple years, so I can't speak to the quality of their clothing over time, but they do seem to make a few things well. I love their Oxford shirts, because they seem to have a good variety of colours and they fit my frame pretty well. Their Ludlow suit jackets fit great and are super comfortable. Sweaters and the Wallace and Barnes stuff are also really nice. That said, I don't like most of their SS seasonal offerings and really only look...
How is Herman Miller a rip off? It's the North American licensee for Eames furniture manufacturing.   I suppose you mean the price? Like others have mentioned, the sticker price is just the beginning and many have chimed in about getting it discounted either by negotiation or by their architect/designer connections. I do think you're paying for the name to a degree like anything, but that's just part of getting a unique design manufactured the way it's meant to...
Thank you for the reply, it's definitely a worthwhile insight into your thought process, and what direction to take. Calling that contemporary instead of MCM gives direction. Your answer is what I thought it would be - read, research, then do more reading and researching :)
SG: That's some amazing work you're doing. The bench on its own is a great looking "tool"   When you say you've researched before diving into these projects, do you have any books or other materials you could recommend with respect to building these MCM style designs?
My aunt and uncle were getting rid of a bunch of their furniture, which included a knock-off 670 & 671 replica from roughly 1975. The leather is super dry and stiff, so I'm in the process of reconditioning it. It's one of the types that reclines back, and it's comfortable enough that it'll do for the time from now until I have saved enough to buy a real HM. It was certainly more affordable for me, right now, than buying one of the current Chinese knock-offs, and has only...
They've been two weeks from announcing shutdown for about 4 months now.    I know I'm not alone in hoping they decide to keep running their business, however.
I recieved tracking for my wool MA-1 today, ordered June 12th   Now refreshing canadapost's page every half hour to see where it is 
I have a feeling that they do a weekly consolidated shipment, because Charly told me my jacket will be out this week or next. It would also make a lot more sense to have a fixed shipping day, rather than piecemeal throughout the workweek.
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