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Hey @PhillipNSCO , how's sizing run on Diemme Garda slip-ons? 
There has to be declarations of value and contents for pretty much anything going from US to Canada or vice versa.
"That's a nice chair, but why didn't you buy a La-Z-Boy?"
I've had that happen to mine too. I figure it's a result of fill fibers being much smaller than the space between the yarns in the fabric. Take the jacket off, grab a handful of liner and fill in one hand from the inside, and then grab a pinch of the outer shell with the other and pull them apart. The fibers should get pulled back inside.
perhaps if there had been a discourse between drew and this thread over the past few months, that acted to temper people's expectations on delivery, there wouldn't be such an escalation to threats of paypal complaints and accusations of theft. the reason the level of complaint is where it is is entirely due to a lack of communication and missed deadlines, to a large group of people with a lot of money tied up in orders.
Do they have their own spreadsheet tracking orders or did someone have to do it for them?
I would like to give you an update about TOJ, but instead, here's a story about me working with a line cook in my restaurant. It's a hard knock life but I feel like you really get to know someone when you work hard with them. Anyhow, that's all the time we have this week, tune in next time!
My point being, if you're going to cheat a bunch of people out of money, why make the jackets and have them sitting around? It's a total waste of time and money that could otherwise be pocketed or turned into your new enterprise.
the idea that they would have jackets sitting around and no cash to pay for the shipping is pretty lol
That would have been a killer deal, I'd be kicking myself too. Was that at a clearance center somewhere?
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