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Do they have their own spreadsheet tracking orders or did someone have to do it for them?
I would like to give you an update about TOJ, but instead, here's a story about me working with a line cook in my restaurant. It's a hard knock life but I feel like you really get to know someone when you work hard with them. Anyhow, that's all the time we have this week, tune in next time!
My point being, if you're going to cheat a bunch of people out of money, why make the jackets and have them sitting around? It's a total waste of time and money that could otherwise be pocketed or turned into your new enterprise.
the idea that they would have jackets sitting around and no cash to pay for the shipping is pretty lol
That would have been a killer deal, I'd be kicking myself too. Was that at a clearance center somewhere?
Something to keep in mind talking about how soft the leather is right now, is that it will feel different when you've been using it for weeks, months, years etc.    Appreciate the discussion in this thread, it's very interesting to hear the debate.   My aunt and uncle gave me a fairly nice looking and comfortable replica from the late 70s or early 80s, I would imagine, which still has the original leather and padding. It's a somewhat comfortable chair, but you can tell...
I find this thread very interesting, keep it up @Brittany Paris .   Wouldn't mind seeing some photographic comparisons between the leathers you have.
 The EQ3 Reverie? I bought and took delivery of it a couple months ago. It's good for my fiancee and myself, but I personally would have destroyed it as a child. It's a good couch for adults to hang out on and whatever, but I don't think it would function very well as a trampoline or improvised play structure for kids. I can now understand why my parents waited till my brother and I were adults before buying leather furniture.
Here's a recent photo of my black wool MA-1, hope this helps for thread content  
I've only been buying j.crew for a couple years, so I can't speak to the quality of their clothing over time, but they do seem to make a few things well. I love their Oxford shirts, because they seem to have a good variety of colours and they fit my frame pretty well. Their Ludlow suit jackets fit great and are super comfortable. Sweaters and the Wallace and Barnes stuff are also really nice. That said, I don't like most of their SS seasonal offerings and really only look...
New Posts  All Forums: