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Saddle Suede Boones on casual Friday.
Does anyone own a pair of Metal Wayfarers? If so, any opinions on fit and quality?  
 I own four pairs of AEs and I think they strike a good balance between price and quality (particularly when you buy them on sale or as seconds). My oldest (Chili Delrays) have had three years of heavy use, and they still look good in my eyes (and feel great). I tried Peter Parvez a couple years ago (also through a Groupon offer). The fit was great and I liked the variety of colours & patterns. However, I found the quality of the cloth to be pretty marginal (i.e. thin and...
 The only Talisker I see on the LCBO website (at least right now) is the 10, 25, and Storm. There is also a "Talisker & Craigellachie" blend that could be interesting, but obviously not a single malt. Have you ever tried Storm?
 If you search back in this thread there are a number of recommendations. Nick's and Novelty are often mentioned.  Glad to hear. Despite their heavy prices and "ready-to-pounce" sales staff, Rosen does tend to have decent after-sale service. I had an MTM order last year that got messed up and ended up taking several weeks longer than it should have. They gave me a store credit as an apology.
 I shudder to think what the LCBO would charge for a bottle of Talisker DE given they charge $100 for Talisker 10. Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison of Talisker Storm and Talisker 10? I've never tried the Storm as I heard it wasn't as good and it was the same price as 10, but it's now $10 cheaper so I'd be curious to know.
 All very good points.
Yeah I know, gas prices are more expensive in Canada than the U.S.. (but still cheaper than Europe). Small cars like the Honda Civic and Mazda 3 are always at the top of the best-seller lists. But my real question is Norh Americans preferring sedan versions of cars vs. hatch versions of the same car. For example, in Canada the Mazda 3 sedan outsells the Mazda 3 hatch by quite a bit. But compact SUVs are enormously popular (at least in the GTA).
It's actually the first hatch I've ever owned, but the hatch makes loading/unloading stuff a lot easier. Also better than the sedan for Ikea runs, etc. I remember reading an article once about how hatches are so much more popular in Europe vs. North America, where sedan body styles win out. I wonder if that has to do with the fact that SUVs are more popular (and common) in North America vs. Europe.
 The non-iron shirts were my work staple. I liked them better than most of the other non-iron shirts I've tried. Back to the drawing board I guess...    When it's slushy or wet, I wear Swims:  When it's too cold to be wet (or there just isn't any snow on the ground), I just give my shoes a quick wipe to remove any solid salt once I'm inside. No muss, no fuss. My dog's paws are another issue altogether...
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