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Thanks for the reply, good to know. I may need to stop by the store before it closes to see if they have any ESF colours/patterns that I like.
I totally forgot that the 30% discount day was today. Does anyone know if the 30% discount applies to their standard buy-three-shirts discount?
I picked up my Samuelsohn MTM that I bought during the earlier clearance sale, and discovered that the fabric I selected was a Performance fabric. In retrospect, the deal I received was pretty good, as suits with the "Performance" fabrics (both OTR and MTM) seem to always carry a premium compared to suits with comparable non-Performance fabrics. I got a two-piece suit plus an extra pair of pants, and it came to a little over $1600, including HST. I wasn't even aware that...
Just an update from my earlier post: I can now inexplicably post at work again. I have no idea why.
Just recently tried the Kazaar and the Dharkan for the first time. I quite like the Dharkan as a single shot, although I think the Ristretto will probably remain my go-to capsule for americanos, lattes, etc. I also quite like the Roma as a single shot. The jury is still out on the Kazaar, but I've only tried it once, so I think I'll need to finish the sleeve I bought before I make up my mind.
Here's a question: For some reason, I can no longer post messages on SF from my computer at work. When I try to post/reply/etc, the text box is just a blank space. No icons, no prompt, no way to to enter text.   Certain web content is blocked by my company's firewall, so maybe it has something to do with that. However, I used to be able to post on SF; it was only a couple months ago that I started having problems. In addition, when the firewall blocks stuff, it usually...
Yeah, you can just walk in. I have a rep that I typically deal with at the Eaton Centre store, and he usually gives me a heads-up when there are sales, etc. So I usually go in when he's working. But you can just go in anytime, find a sales rep to help you (which at Harry Rosen will be about two seconds flat, for better or worse) and they will be able to help you. I think the most important thing is to be clear with the rep as to what you are looking for, and make sure you...
I assume you're referring to the Samuelsohn trunk show at Harry Rosen? According to their website, it looks like it's March 15-21st:   http://www.samuelsohn.com/trunk_shows.php   You may want to actually check with the store, though, as sometimes the dates on the Samuelsohn website are a little off.   I took advantage of a MTM sale that Harry Rosen had on a couple weeks ago. Not the usual trunk sale (i.e. 10% off everything), but they had select fabrics that were on...
Has anyone actually visited the Toronto location yet? Any impressions?
 And what's the deal with the UPS truck in the background?
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