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 I think that's a pretty apt description.  In the end, I decided to order Delray seconds in Brown from the Shoebank. I still feel a little weird ordering the same shoe again, but I like it and I know it fits really well so why the hell not. 
   Seriously?  I thought that the Kenilworth was one of their more popular models. I don't really like the look of the Jodox. It just seems a little weird, particularly with the two eyelet design and the "chevron"-ish side piece.
   +1 If I were him, I'd trademark "Bush Party".
 I occasionally stop by Marshals/Winners to see if they have anything good. It can be pretty hit or miss, but occasionally they get some decent stuff. I seem to recall seeing an entire rack of Brioni tuxedos once, although they were in weird sizes. I also frequently see Brooks Brothers stuff there, which is good if you are a BB person. I've bought a couple pairs of BB trousers that were a good deal (with a little tailoring).
The Allen Edmonds website no longer lists the Kenilworth. Have they been discontinued, or am I missing something?
I have some ESF shirts from both before and after the Milano re-labelling. The sleeves fit exactly the same. In fact, the overall fit is exactly the same; only the label has changed.
Perfect for those late summer "blizzard in a heatwave" days. He was once lambasted for wearing a mock-neck sweater and vowed to never let it happen again.
 I regularly wear a couple of AE belts that I bought to match my AE shoes. I ordered them through the forums when the Canadian dollar was stronger, and I think I ended up paying around $50 or so each (but that didn't include shipping as I was also ordering shoes at the time). They've held up well, are of good quality, and match my shoes perfectly. My father recently gave be a box with three belts as a gift (they are the kind that you punch yourself so that they are...
Has anyone tried the new limited time coffees? "Milano" and "Palermo", I believe.
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