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 Are you referring to the Black Fleece Milano fit shirts? Or the Brooks Brothers mainline Milano shirts? If the latter, I'm screwed as those were my go-to shirts (bought in threes with the periodic 30% discount).  +1, although it sounds like things are getting colder and/or snowier by the end of this week. That being said, you can cover a good chunk of the downtown core without ever going outside. Just keep in mind that it takes a little longer in the PATH than outside,...
 I've used Novelty many times for topys (new and replacement) as well as new heels. In all cases they did a great job and on time. Granted, these were Allen Edmonds. If I wore +$1000 shoes I may be more picky, but short of winning the next Powerball, I think that's somewhat unlikely.   Just a heads up that the Allen Edmonds shoe bank also carries the Bloor Street style (although they never seem to have photos for them on their website). They also have a bunch of other...
  "Exciting" update: Novelty finally got a new sign! 
I also like the HP 12. IMHO, it's worth the extra $15 over the 10. After that, though, things just start getting crazy (at least at the LCBO). $200 for the 18, $650 for the 25, etc... 
 I had the same thing happen to a Keurig machine once, but not with my Nespresso. I would suggest reaching out to Nespresso tech support to see if they have any suggestions. https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/service-customer-care
Subscribed. Also, I'm always in the market for new or near-new sportcoats and blazers (size 41-42, depending on the cut).
   I bought a couple things during the 30% sale but didn't get a 40% coupon. I feel left out... unless it came today...
I bought a pair of SALT frames from Danforth Optical a few years back. When it came time to get new glasses last year (due to a changed prescription), I decided to simply replace the lenses in my existing frames. I liked them and couldn't find another pair that I liked more. Plus it probably saved me at least $200+.
Yeah there doesn't appear to be any Brooks Brothers models there now. I know there were when I was looking a few weeks ago. Perhaps they sold out of everything already? There are some Black Friday discounts on the main site, but pretty limited styles. Oh well, I didn't really need an excuse to spend more money on shoes. 
That sounds awesome. I just wish the Rosen outlet wasn't in Mississauga; I can't bring myself to spend two hours driving there and back when there's no guarantee of finding anything worthwhile in my size.
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