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I bought a pair of SALT frames from Danforth Optical a few years back. When it came time to get new glasses last year (due to a changed prescription), I decided to simply replace the lenses in my existing frames. I liked them and couldn't find another pair that I liked more. Plus it probably saved me at least $200+.
Yeah there doesn't appear to be any Brooks Brothers models there now. I know there were when I was looking a few weeks ago. Perhaps they sold out of everything already? There are some Black Friday discounts on the main site, but pretty limited styles. Oh well, I didn't really need an excuse to spend more money on shoes. 
That sounds awesome. I just wish the Rosen outlet wasn't in Mississauga; I can't bring myself to spend two hours driving there and back when there's no guarantee of finding anything worthwhile in my size.
 For my most recent Shoe Bank purchase, I did everything over the phone (i.e. no email was required). In addition, I didn't pay anything at all when I picked up the order. I was expecting to pay HST, but didn't for some reason. Perhaps I just got lucky. End result was a pair of brand new AEs for well under $300 CAD all-in.
I think it was mentioned earlier, but another option is the Allen Edmonds Shoebank. It sells discounted factory seconds (i.e. brand new shoes with slight imperfections) as well as discontinued styles. They also have regular sales (similar to the regular Allen Edmonds website). Even with shipping and currency conversion, it can be materially cheaper than buying at retail in Canada: http://www.shoebank.com/
+1 for Samuelsohn. I own both OTR and MTM and they are of high quality. Unless you want to be wearing a different suit every few months, it may be worth it to bite the bullet and spend the money for 1 or 2 good quality suits. Assuming they are staple colours/patterns/etc., you can get years and years of use out of them. And if you wait for a promotion at Harry Rosen, etc., the MTM cost is pretty much the same as the regular cost of an OTR suit. That's what I've done in the...
I would second checking out BB during their 30% or 40% discount days (although I don't know if there will be another one before the end of the year). I bought a shirt and tie today with the 30% off. I meant to check their shoes as well but totally forgot. The price of their non-iron shirts has gone up as well, but I guess that was to be expected.
I always get the Brooks Brothers cards in the mail, as well as their emails. They usually have the 30% off corporate discount days several times a year as well as one or two of the "discount on one item" days. I used the 40% discount day to buy a raincoat last year, and usually use the 30% discount days to buy non-iron dress shirts.
This is what I did for my most recent shoe purchase. Even with shipping and currency conversion, the final cost was well below what I would have had to pay for the same pair of AEs anywhere in Toronto. If I were able to get a good-looking pair of shoes of equal or better quality in a similar price range, I would definitely consider them. It was only 2-3 years ago that Rego Bespoke (in First Canadian Place) had an AE promotion on where they would match the USD price on the...
 Let's be honest; Styleforum without endless minutiae wouldn't really be Styleforum. 
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