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You're right, this thread isn't for me.  People here are a tad sensitive.  G*d forbid someone speaks up and says the direction of the thread is going downhill.  That's "elitism."  You took my comment to it's illogical conclusion, which is the sign of someone who lacks basic analytical skills.  Good luck at the outlets and spending beyond your means.  Lush.
Fine, I'll play nice.  I tried this jacket on last week and it's okay but it is REALLY short in length.  All the jackets that are out right now (and there are a lot of them) are truly short in length in a traditional workwear style.  The rest of the jacket is fine, not too tight.  You probably couldn't get more than a v-neck sweater under it.
Zzzzz.   Stop being a peacemaker.  That guy needed to be told he was being an ass.  And you coming in and coddling him is even worse.  If you want to waste your time telling ass hats like that to check .com and ebay for a pair of sweats or an effing waffle crew be my guest homeboy.  So you bought a Fair Isle crew off a reseller for $135?  What does that tell me?!?  Tells me you should have bought a full price one from Rugby for $10 less.  Tells me you should give up your...
Nope, never bought a piece of RRL on ebay.  When I want to make room in my closet I sell items.  I understand my comment will put people off, but sometimes you have to say these things to reset the balance.  When a guy literally hounds the thread for a pair of sweatpants, you have to call it.  It's okay for one to voice his disapproval of the direction of the thread.  In fact, it's healthy for the thread as a whole.  I, for one, would just like to see more pages dedicated...
Are you f*cking retarded? I'll go ahead and say what everyone else is thinking.
I have a pair of 32"'s. I've worn them twice. I lost some weight so if you want PM me. How do you tell if they are the selvedge officer chinos?
Got them at West Broadway.  Pricey at $1,200 but beautiful.  I'll post pics tomorrow.
Just picked up the Livingstone boot. Puts the Bowery to shame.
I was suprised at how lightweight it was, that's why I ended up getting it.  I've always wanted a leather jacket that didn't scream leather jacket if that makes any sense.  It's definitely more suited to early / late fall and colder days in spring.  The interior wool adds just a hint of insulation, but I wouldn't count on it.  An oxford shirt with a thin cashmere sweater is about the maximum amount of layers you're going to get under it.  It really is one of my favorite...
Just picked up the gambler in a small - pic attached.  I'm selling a similarly styled buffalo plaid moto style jacket on Ebay if anyone is interested.  It's not RRL, blue label, but really nice and thought some on here would be interested.     Link:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/221154985722?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649            
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