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Yes indeed. He didn't have any, so I gladly put a pair of mine in :)
Hi guys, I don't usually post much, but I thought I'd just throw something up which is testament to the quality of RM Williams boots. My friend had an upcoming occasion and he decided he wanted to wear his thrashed old RM Williams boots, so I gave him a hand polishing them up and taught him a simple polish method. I love my RM WIlliams boots, and these came up pretty sweet, too. Needless to say, he was chuffed.    
Can you throw me the link to your post? (it's a long thread)
Any Aussies interested in a group buy for Saphir or La Cordonnerie Anglaise products? I just started a group buy thread here.
Hi everyone, just seeing if anyone else is interested in participating in a bulk group buy of any Saphir/LCA products so we can hopefully get a discount and share some shipping costs.   If anyone is interested, please register your interest in this thread and hopefully we can put together a good list and I'll do my best to get the best discount/cheapest shipping for everyone.   Dave
what's the material composition?
So .. did you buy these for yourself? Or are you just flogging them?   Some info regarding size would be good, I would think if you bought them for yourself, you'd have a pretty good idea of the sizing and whether it is US or UK.   Please advise. Am interested but am overseas, so I won't be returning if it is the wrong size, I'll get it if it is the correct size and that's that.
UK10 is a 44. I doubt they would work since the 43.5 was too big.
Hey everyone- I'm about to purchase my first bomber jacket. I'm 190cm, 75kg. My girlfriend says I'll look funny because I'm quite tall and slim. What do you guys think about the fit of a bomber jacket on this type of frame?   I like the G-1 personally.
I bought these from Polo RL late last year and I just don't get a chance to wear them now that I spend pretty much all of my time in my warehouse working =\   Worn only one time, so someone else should put these beautiful chukkas to good use.   Comes with original box, packing etc.   In as new condition.    FREE shipping in Australia. PayPal add 3%.
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