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Is that toe cap significantly darker than the rest of the shoe?
Rmw were the first I believe
Well coming from someone who has both, I can tell you that Baxter isn't worthy to even be mentioned in this thread. Mine fell apart after 9 months of light use. Two of my friends who bought theirs at the same time had similar experiences. To me, it seems like a shameless advertisement for someone who has an interest in Baxter. As I said, feel free to start a Baxter thread, where you can discuss all the Baxter offerings. But not in the RM Williams thread, please. Thanks.
Last time I checked, this was the RM WIlliams thread, not the Baxter thread. Why not start a thread about Baxter and you can talk as much as you want about them in there?
Why are you trolls discussing the inferior boots in the RM Williams thread?
RMW are the most durable boots you'll ever own.
That's why you should buy from the factory during eofy sales. Awesome deals and perfect boots if you pick the right pair.
I bought a pair from Essendon DFO on the weekend. $250.   They have sales around eofy time. 2 for 350 I think it was last year. The year before that it was 2 for 300.   They're 'seconds', but... that could be because a hide got seconded and those boots could end up perfect.
Sometimes they have deals on for something like 2 for AUD350 at the factory store and the normal price ranges from AUD195-250, depending on the shoe and season.   I reckon if you guys know your size, I could just purchase them and send them on to you and you can save a few bucks. AUD250 is only like USD225.   I have a black and chestnut craftsman. Only cost like $395 in total.
Why thank you kind sir.
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