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 I'm a huge fan of this first photo.
I need to find a way to upload photos here directly from my phone, ideas?
    I'm so hip I owned Yellow Hook Neckties before they were cool. 
Roman candle duels were the cause of the loss of my favorite white t shirt as a child.  That's why I am forced to wear suits every day now.
 Definitely Kirby at the top.  Not sure about the remainders.  I imagine if I had instagram when I was 10, it would be filled with pictures of tree forts and SNES games.  Do kids still build tree forts or do they just play mine craft instead?
  Rob is in fact wearing a yellow hook necktie, but his beard is covering it up. 
 This is my first ever shoe circle photo.  I feel like a 13 year old girl who just discovered instagram.
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