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Thanks! Can anyone more familiar with this technology (or maybe digital printing in general) confirm that means 300 pixels per inch, as in a 3000x3000 image would be ideal for a 10" square, and if I wanted a 16" square I should be shooting for 4800x4800?
Do you have a recommended resolution for the images used to make a pocket square? (I think this information would probably be a good thing to include on the ordering page for said squares!)
I think it's been a couple of days - (replicated) Mercer collar photos, anyone?
Hmm, I'm having trouble getting a response about the status of my single shirt ordered 21 March. :-/
Check eBay for actual measurements on Brook's non-alphabetical sized 15 1/2 - 4/5 shirts and I think you'll find they're much closer to the 47" (doubled) pit-to-pit. Here's one example:
Hi folks. I'm 29, single, live in the U.S. midwest and work on campus at a large public university. I just started following menswear around January of this year, and have been slowly turning my eye more and more towards Ivy and other traditional dress. I find myself pretty fascinated with J. Press, Gant, Gitman Bros. and keep an eye out for Brooks Brothers staples that I still need.  
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