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Pm'd you. Just waiting for a response.
I actually just ordered the Siki Im jeans (raw) in sz 1 instead of the layerdye. Don't know when they'll ship tho cuz they're in Paris :L.    The Cone Mills denim sounds promising. Really expecting good things from them when they arrive.
Charly recommended me to send it in to the dry cleaners if it ever got dirty.
Charly informed me on the 28th that they'd be shipping mine out about 2 weeks from then (Jan 11th). Not sure how frequently the team makes shipping runs but that's a pretty good bet. 
Contact Oki-Ni telling them you live in the USA and they will set up an account for you that will subtract VAT automatically. 
The blanket-lined jeans by Naked and Famous is something you could definitely take a look at.
Anyone have experience with DenimTherapy in Manhattan? If so, please let me know how their service is. Planning to use them for getting my momotaros hemmed.
Just got a pair of Japan Blue x Momorato's yesterday. I've never had a pair of APC Petits but theses are definitely one of the tightest pairs of denim I've owned.   They have all the measurements included on their site.\InetPub\scripts\psp\bin\Shop.Prodt.Detail.exe&SKU=7992000&CONFIG001=Indigo&CONFIG002=29
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