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You put your overcoat on the floor! lol
sorry, delete this pls.
  Blazer: BB Shirt: BB Tie: Hermes Pants: BB Shoes: Edward Green Belt: Pierre Cardin
  Blazer: Oxford Shirt: Joseph Aboud Tie: Versace
  Blazer: Brioni Pants: Dunhill Tie: Ermenegildo Zegna Shirt: BB Belt: Polo Ralph Lauren
I meant that its MUCH better not only better.
  Blazer: Brioni Shirt: Purple Label Tie: Ralph Lauren Jeans: Dolce Gabanna Shoes: Ferragamo Pocket Square: Club Room
      Blazer: Brioni Shirt: Hickey Freeman Pants: Banana Republic Tie: Versace
Well, I bought a Brioni blazer and I can tell for sure: I own some BB blazers, and my Brioni is FAR away better  at least than any BB. I mean, it's a BIG difference. When I wear my Brioni, I felt like if I were a bilionaire. I don't know about Kiton, but Brioni certainly not over priced in my opinion.
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