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I just received my pair of the cap toe in natural leather - - I'm no expert, but I'm loving them so far. I can confirm that they did indeed use better laces in their shipped version - they are much slimmer, look better, and work great with the hooks.   Here is a link to a very in depth review - http://www.rawrdenim.com/2014/10/thursday-boot-co-diplomat-boot-review/
Thanks for the opinions. Yeah, I like everything on the slim side because I'm pretty skinny and I feel like I'm swimming in a lot of jackets and pants. I'll see if I can get some better photos of the jacket, the linen really does have a lot of soul to it but in the other photos, you can't tell, it's not even in focus
 you think the trousers are a bit slim? I kind of like trousers on the slim side, but they are definitely on the border line for me
did a fitting today with a pretty heavy wool sweater to use underneath, to make sure it will fit well. The buttons are 13cm apart - I'm pretty happy with the locations. It still needs the collar and the lining, and sleeves, of course. I was burning up for the 2 mins I had the wool sweater on under this thing.       Some interior details, before the lining goes in       All hand stitched  
The finished product:   Unlined, no canvas   the sleeve length looks good in this photo, but if I move my arms at all, the shirt cuffs seem to get sucked into the sleeve, so I don't know if I should maybe go a bit shorter        
Thanks, The length has been dropped down. I spoke with my tailor and he has in fact done two overcoats but I live and work in Brazil and he's here too, so that is why he hasn't had too much experience with over coats. I'm going in for a fitting in Saturday, so I'll post an update
Thanks, I'll plan for that, good idea
 yes it is! So what are your thoughts? I checked out your site, your work looks really good - and being an English tailor, you should have an opinion on a tweed overcoat with hacking pockets :). It is cut a bit close, which I personally like - - and, its not easy to tell from the photos but I am pretty damn skinny, (183cm / 68kg) so I think I can actually fit a sweater under that. Either way, we'll adjust if necessary so I can do that - my tailor has already left some...
 someone always reminds me I'm on styleforum...
I did ask to size the coat not for a jacket underneath, but for a heavy sweater. I'm going to take a few different ones in to try on, in the next fitting. My tailor is aware that I want room for this, but also that I want it to fit closely - he may have to make a few adjustments
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