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Thanks for the opinions. Yeah, I like everything on the slim side because I'm pretty skinny and I feel like I'm swimming in a lot of jackets and pants. I'll see if I can get some better photos of the jacket, the linen really does have a lot of soul to it but in the other photos, you can't tell, it's not even in focus
 you think the trousers are a bit slim? I kind of like trousers on the slim side, but they are definitely on the border line for me
did a fitting today with a pretty heavy wool sweater to use underneath, to make sure it will fit well. The buttons are 13cm apart - I'm pretty happy with the locations. It still needs the collar and the lining, and sleeves, of course. I was burning up for the 2 mins I had the wool sweater on under this thing.       Some interior details, before the lining goes in       All hand stitched  
The finished product:   Unlined, no canvas   the sleeve length looks good in this photo, but if I move my arms at all, the shirt cuffs seem to get sucked into the sleeve, so I don't know if I should maybe go a bit shorter        
Thanks, The length has been dropped down. I spoke with my tailor and he has in fact done two overcoats but I live and work in Brazil and he's here too, so that is why he hasn't had too much experience with over coats. I'm going in for a fitting in Saturday, so I'll post an update
Thanks, I'll plan for that, good idea
 yes it is! So what are your thoughts? I checked out your site, your work looks really good - and being an English tailor, you should have an opinion on a tweed overcoat with hacking pockets :). It is cut a bit close, which I personally like - - and, its not easy to tell from the photos but I am pretty damn skinny, (183cm / 68kg) so I think I can actually fit a sweater under that. Either way, we'll adjust if necessary so I can do that - my tailor has already left some...
 someone always reminds me I'm on styleforum...
I did ask to size the coat not for a jacket underneath, but for a heavy sweater. I'm going to take a few different ones in to try on, in the next fitting. My tailor is aware that I want room for this, but also that I want it to fit closely - he may have to make a few adjustments
It took a while, but I just had the first fitting of the overcoat, where my tailor measured the sleeves, marked the shoulders, etc   the bottom of the coat is pinned up, but it won't be cut to that length, I think I'll go just above the knee.   it will have: - 3 button, notched lapel, single vent, hacking pockets     Any opinions?    
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