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Check out the Paul Stuart Navy with Beaver Collar overcoat listed on ebay. 42 R
I buy 90% off ebay.
Former Lilly Pulitzer, Stradlader preppy seduced into working for Yves St. Laurent London and New York store for men in the mid 70's, later had stores and business in fashion in LA. Now Totally Anglo in style, especially shoes. Way too many Alfred Sargents, Peals, Wildsmiths, Edward Greens, and Aldens in my closet, but I just keep buying more. Will buy any size, any quantity, high quality English shoes in good shape.
Thank you so much! I just visited Moulded in NYC yesterday out of interest and after being measured, it turns out I have a modified last. When I put a pair of Aldens on, a pair of suede oxfords with a new ruit was like heaven and I immediately bought a pair (at vast expense). All these years and I never had the right fit...Thanks again!  
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