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I don't do hapless my friend. Whenever I feel a slight sense of supplication i issue my fiancee an unsolicited backhand to reaffirm my alpha position lol
what would you say would be
When i posted that pic i wasn't specifically trying to identify a corresponding belt, but rather an all black outfit. I thing the "H" hermes belt is really about somebody wanting a belt with noticeable character rather than opting for the generic garden variety SF approved belt
these guys can too       Quote: Originally Posted by Elegantly Wasted  So can I
Funny, but true. I have always been the flashiest among all my friends and i wear that douchey belt proudly. To quote from another forum:   while i love your quote in your sig....... your comment is fairly what point do you draw the line on "you shouldnt be flashy or look like a billboard" concept?are you not allowed to wear a jersey from your favorite team because you look like their billboard?would you debadge your R8 you have in your avatar? you wouldnt want...
you guys are brutal, but i can take it. what would you suggest as a welcome alternative. btw i like the belt
what if you remove the jacket??  
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