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  I see what you mean. Well for starters I can't really see the difference in soft vs. constructed so I guess I would have to inspect the 2 shoulder styles physically. don't know what my preference is in terms of a jacket being shorter or longer i guess i would have to see som examples. i like 2 buttons. i hate ticket pockets. 2 vents. flat pants. lower rise pant. jacket quarters (something i just learned about in the last 2 minutes) i would have to think about. have no...
Not a troll at all click on my username and look at the threads I have started. I had no idea this whole professional wardrobe thing was so nuanced. I am 33 and certainly understand the value of navy blue, charcoal grey and med. grey suit as the staple of your wardrobe. What I don't understand is why buying any or all of the 3 of these suits from a reputable MTM shop would be so dangerous and unpredictable.
Thank you so much for your comment. As to developing my style, in the recent years I think I have a good idea what I like. What's more, i don't 'think' any of the choices I make will be regrettable with respect to fit so long as I come prepared with a couple pictures to show the tailor. Am I missing something. If i come into the haberdashery with these 2 pics I should be money, right?   Such as
  I think it looks pretty good
are you guys making fun of me :-(   just wanted to know what color suits and sport coats i should be looking towards   besides navy blue and charcoal grey i am not sure which colors would follow given the parameters set
I have a polyester grey suit from kenneth cole that i love, but even though it fits awesome its quality is pure sh!t. my other suit is navy blue with faint pinstripes fits ok but is also cheap. This will be my first MTM experience. 
Larry's suit seems to be a little snug around the quads (which i like). I don't know if that look is considered modern or if the suit is simple being complimentary of his physique, but it seems like some of the more traditional folks on this forum might think the pants are too tight
doesn't like eddie george suit was taken in enough considering his low body fat percentage and muscle mass, but we're talking about pants. too big or just right?  
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