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3 bridesmaids 3 groomsmen. the chicks will all be wearing the same purple but different dresses(depending on body types)
this "going along to get along, happy wife happy life" mentality is partly responsible for the increasing emasculation of the american male
You guys have been pretty helpful. Has anyone else noticed how this topic has clearly defined the more alpha vs. the more beta male posters on this forum. surely i am not the only one
Thanks for the well written op ed Zauberer    We had a conversation about this last night and she remains obstinate. Her argument is that because I didn't want to have a wedding in the first place I  shouldn't be able to weigh in on certain details. She then follows that point with a barrage of I am letting you pick the dj; pick the first song; pick your suit; and giving you input on the menu. All fair points, but I am electing not be blinded by the "appearance" of...
no she wants to go with purple, but she hasn't even found her dress let alone her BMs
it's all good. so have you ever been married? if so, did you do a prenupt
Quote: Originally Posted by tactical1  My bad. For the past twenty years, I've been a married divorce lawyer.   Go ahead. Fuck up her wedding.        If this ultimately is the cause for divorce or her calling off the wedding than i welcome it. she clearly AIN'T the woman for me if this is the case. she makes 4x's the money i make and i frequently remind her that her resources do not yield her any more advantage in the dominance paradigmn than if...
thanks in advance
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