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After much toil with my bride about how my groomsmen should look this was compromise         Still wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was the best I could do. ideally, they all would have had different shades of grey 2 piece suits
Thanks for the response, but the problem with only getting one is their MTMs are 200 bucks a pop, but they have a special for 6 shirts for $400. Doesn't really make sense to only get one. I am a big dude 6'3 235 athletic, but i have a regular oval face not particularly angular or anything
thanks, what about collar should i do a spread, standard...etc   like i said i generally just wear a suit or sportscoat sans a tie
no offense taken, i work for a teeny tiny lil known government agency
background i almost never wear a tie and i am considered of the more fashionable men in my  office. i also love color. so i shouldn't bother with any contrast collar shirts? what about collar type and french cuff vs standard. i do have a good bit of slim fitting white shirts
For perspective i have 2 3-piece suits (navy and charcoal), 1 medium grey suit and 1 ill fitting navy with light pin stripes.
My buddy from college and his groomsmen  
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