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Also I'd like to know what's the sizing chart for the 9016... and if any websites are shipping these worldwide. I'm in Europe and they are freaking expensive here (300€ at best on most websites, 400€ on many others), it's frustrating that you can find them at 250€ on many US websites that refuse to ship them worldwide.
Which ones are the best, Beckman or 1000 mile boots ? I can have the 1000 mile boots for 260€ and the Beckman for 200€. Also I prefere the rubber sole to the leather one.
So what do you guys think of these side boots :|CallType=Product&prodId=F0Y5&des=&cat=93&gender=men&group=shoes&vendorColor=U0VMTEE=&season=actual&seasProdID=56I   I'm also interested in these (not side zip boots) :!/green-george-waxy-suede-brogue-boot-stone-brown/1359   Also what's the consensus on Grenson ?
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