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its slimmer than the Jack Chino   the "slim" jean is very comparable to a levi's made in usa 511
early access to the collection here.......
Should have pics of the washed early this week   will post when I have them
back rise is 16"
some (very) exclusive first looks at the raw standard        
Denim Lovers- Graham from Billy Reid here.   Our Made in the USA collection of cone denim launches next week, and here's the link to get early access to the collection   the selvedge denim is made in North Carolina, then sewn in to jeans in Los Angeles.   2 fits - standard and slim- both in raw selvedge and washed selvedge   Hit me up with questions and/or sign up at the link above...
guys- coming out with some made in the USA jeans next week.........cone denim from north carolina sewn in san fran. early access to the collection available here
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