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My parents left Ireland in 1952 and headed out to Africa for my Dad's work.  To celebrate my Mother brought him a gold plated Omega Seamaster with a manual movement.  When he retired is decided to "never wear a watch again..." and I got it and had it restored by Omega in Switzerland.  It certainly cost more than it was worth if I brought it again but it looks fantastic and as you say has history.  I only wear it on special occasions but it feels great to have something 60...
  GMT Master II "Pepsi" with the metal bezel. Its a great all rounder...
My GMT Master (Pepsi) gets the most wrist time of my small watch collection.  Works great for business and for outdoors, weekends etc.
...yeap and go out and blow my cash is what I did and had a great time doing it too.  Certainly have some memories you couldn't pay for now... :)  Still I thought I should do the responsible thing and sit down with my son as my Dad did.  I am not really disappointed he is ignoring my advice.  You can't put an old head on young shoulders and maybe you shouldn't even try.
When I was a teenager and started my first part time job my dad sat me down and told me about the "wonders of compound interest" and if I start saving now I could be rich in my 40's.  Needless to say I had more immediate uses for the cash on the weekends and oh well...    So two weeks ago I sat down with my oldest son (16 y.o.) and explained to him the "wonders of compound interest" and I saw the same disinterested look on his face my Dad saw  back then.  Oh well, at...
I have worked in IT and Software since the mid 80's.  I think I would have loved to get into commerical aviation as a pilot.  It's too late for that now but as a hobby it might still happen.   
Hi there,  I am Kevin a mid 40's Australian living in Germany for some time now.   I own a small software company and enjoy quality in all things, including what I wear.  I look forward to getting some style tips and interacting with the community.  
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