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 Thats a great jacket
Not really a new member but wondered if there was a thread for i.d'ing the style of an item of clothing via picture? Many thanks
 Excellent, exactly what I was after, many thanks.And if anyone knows any alternatives that'd be great.
Do any of the experts on here have links to any single breasted peacoats?   I'm sure people will say that's not strictly a peacoat but I have seen them sold under that name! Cheers in advance
 I know I'm digging out an old pic here from 2 weeks back but great jacket man, what is the style? some kind of bomber?
What length do people think looks best with 501s? What I mean by this is where should the opening rest? resting on the shoe itself or on the shoe with a bit of stack
  Basically I prefer the look/wear of single breasted coats and find them less bulky but I still want the cut and style of a peacoat. I had a single breasted 'peacoat style coat' several years ago which got lost when moving cities.
Ok another question for the experts on this thread. Is it possible to tailor a standard double breasted peacoat into a single breasted coat? Logistically do you think this would be possible from any experience.  Thanks in advance
Looks good, what fit and wash are those jeans?
ha, yeah single breasted peacoat inspired is what I am after, to be honest, exactly like that last pic although minus the ridiculous zips... Just wondered if they had a specific name obviously not. cheers
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