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Has anyone ever sucessfully added side zips to boots? I have some guidi 995 in calf where I want to add some zips.
would wear with dark grey denim, navy tee, cream white 5 zip!
Is it me or does the denim of the cast / obsidian look the same as the denim of apc´s black denim?
when will you carry the emory again? I am 6'1  and 155 lbs which size should I get?
I need dat schneider knit. any place stocks it already?
I know Inis Meain is supposed to be good quality but I have never seen any good piece for sale :/
I need some good quality cable knits somewhat similar to these:         I guess the first two are old jils. where can I cop something similar?
                                                 Mykita Wynton
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