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Bought from http://www.schwittenberg.com/ some time ago. They are not light enough for summer.
Thanks - 100% cotton.
schneider schneider schneider crockett & jones   truer colours
Need some minimalistic everyday trousers (black,grey, navy). Not too formal but not too sloppy either. Somewhat relaxed but with a good taper. Here are some examples from Ute Ploier, Peir Wu x Snowman and Schneider.       Any recommendations?
it´s a studiolo. furniture, paintings and books are not there yet
At home ;)
I believe it is lamb SS12
another try with different denim: mmm acne 3sixteen slp
Usually I wear painted gats with the diors but they are at my other place :(
  mmm sifr (tee usally longer) dior slp
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