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Hey, how does the eidos dongel coat fit and how warm is it?
From where did you buy the qasa and how do they fit?
Greatest leather jacket design ever made! Sadly the quality is not so great on the newer models. I am thinking of getting a custom one to replace mine.
Should be Pupal but I have not seen it in this colorway either.
Is there any chance to buy Eidos in the EU or Switzerland? I can´t seem to find a retailer which I find strange since it is an italian brand.
I think it is a very interesting place particularly prypjat and duga.When exactly were you there? Were you able to go into alot of buildings?I stayed there for two days and could go pretty much everywhere (no highly contaminated areas) despite the restriction which was really impressive.
Sightseeing of chernobyl ;).
Krane James Perse Pure Blue Japan HMMMM (with rubber soles for bad weather)   Bonus pic from a few days ago; radioactive mmm in prypjat
They are good!
Damn it, should have bought them.Edit: Found them
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