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As an owner of 2 10 ply jumpers and the original peacoat I would argue that the jumpers are warmer. Sitting watching football whilst a string wind blows in off the north sea is what I base my opinion on.
Yes. The law in the UK states that you can send it back for any reason as you did not have a chance to see the item in person prior to receiving it. I tried to arrange a return to oi polloi due to a cabourn surface jacket I ordered being a lighter shade than appeared in their photos and had to threaten them with getting trading standards involved due to their refusal to accept a return. They also need to refund you any postage charges they charged you to send the item....
I tried this on at corniche in Edinburgh and found it to be a very strange fit. I could not put my finger on exactly why I did not like it but there was definitely something not right about the jacket. It seemed short on me but I compared the length of it to the jacket I was wearing and the cabourn Scottish jacket was actually longer. It could also be done with having another button nearer the bottom of the jacket. This is of course just my opinion but the owner told me he...
Utility was the designers for debenhams range he produced. I may be telling you something you already know but debenhams is a high street store in the UK. I would reckon the quality and materials wouldn't be as good on the utility range.
I own various pieces of seh Kelly including two of their knits and I would say that the sizing charts are accurate.
L27? I'm not familiar with that grade of ventile
The description on ends site seems to contradict their own pictures with regards to this.
I was under the impression that heritage research was the same people who made trainerspotter and it was on a hiatus.
With this post you come across as a bit of a prick. He has asked for help,as I am sure we all have, and all you can do is patronise.
The good people at seh Kelly have released a new ventile jacket in three colours and it is very fetching. http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/
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