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Utility was the designers for debenhams range he produced. I may be telling you something you already know but debenhams is a high street store in the UK. I would reckon the quality and materials wouldn't be as good on the utility range.
I own various pieces of seh Kelly including two of their knits and I would say that the sizing charts are accurate.
L27? I'm not familiar with that grade of ventile
The description on ends site seems to contradict their own pictures with regards to this.
I was under the impression that heritage research was the same people who made trainerspotter and it was on a hiatus.
With this post you come across as a bit of a prick. He has asked for help,as I am sure we all have, and all you can do is patronise.
The good people at seh Kelly have released a new ventile jacket in three colours and it is very fetching. http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/
I have had various lvc jeans and the only real shrinkage I have had is with raw denim. I personally think you will get minimum shrinkage unless the 1 wash at 20 degrees Celsius. I wash all my clothes at 30 degrees Celsius for comparison and have had no shrinkage on one wash jeans that does not stretch out.
To my mind you will never get the perfect balance between waterproof and breathable. You should maybe try something ventile which will not offer you the same waterproof capabilities as gore or other membranes but is much more breathable. At some point you will need to decide on if waterproof or breathable is more important to you and choose accordingly.
I'm a large in most brands and have tried on various Oliver Spencer jackets and find that they have all fitted fine in my normal size. I have not tried on anything for this season though.
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