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Mine is an after-dinner fit. Is yours before-dinner? I talked to my brother who bought 3 shirts (also after-dinner), and they are all missing chest pockets.
My button-down collar overdye shirt doesn't have a chest pocket. Is that normal? The pictures on the website show the button-down collar shirts with a pocket and the widespread collar shirts without a pocket instead.
Can the waist of the telegraph trousers be taken in? I noticed that the product description says that "Interior seams set for easy tailoring"... I'm guessing that means that it can be taken in, but just want to confirm!
I ordered a kidney bean t-shirt and got a t-shirt in a bag with a label stating that it's cranberry. Are these different names for the same color?
I have a pair of the plain toe Wolverine 1000 mile boots and I recently purchased a pair of the Courtland boots (seconds from Sierra Trading Post). I purchased the same size as my plain toe size. The Courtland boots are really uncomfortable with a really high arch area. Is that normal? My plain toes, which I've had for a year, are much flatter.
What's the default button down collar like? I'd like to order some shirts with a 3" button down collar similar to some Gitman Brothers shirts that I have. If the default button down collar is different, do I only need to specify 3" or are there other things I'm supposed to write down? I'm not too familiar with the varieties and terminology for button down collars!
Is there a time limit for returning an item? I got a pair over the summer that I'll never be able to physically fit in. It would be great if I can exchange them for anything that's a proper size.
Mauro, do you know when the second run of the Llama shirts will go out?
 Hi Mauro, I've sent 2 emails about this (one on Sunday, one today), but haven't received a response. Maybe they're going into your spam folder. The order # is 2621.
Have all of the llama shirts been shipped? I got an email on Wednesday saying mine shipped, but the tracking number isn't active several days later.   During the sale, I placed an order for a shirt and received an email that my order shipped, but the tracking number wasn't active, no package arrived, and I noticed that my credit card was refunded. I never got an email about what happened, but I just assumed that the shirt happened to be out of stock. I'm wondering if...
New Posts  All Forums: