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Bought a pair of Barracuda's in 30" waist. They supposedly have a 34" inseam, but it fits more like a 30 - 31" inseam. Found this info on the tags: Car Inspired Fits (PRPS Goods & Co.) Barracuda: Low front ride, straight leg regular fit. Leg opening 17" Duster: Mid rise, straight leg regular fit. Leg opening 16" Rambler: Low front rise, slim fit, leg opening 15" Valiant: Dropped crotch, tappered leg, leg opening 14" Demon: Slim fit, mid rise, leg opening 16" Now, if...
Yet another bump.....PRICE DROP AGAIN ---- THESE SHOES MUST GO!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by babygreenspots lovely. I wonder how much it costs to have foot-size reduction surgery. well i dont know how much that would cost, but i expect it would be less expensive than replacing an entire shoe collection
Price Drop to $595 OBO
Thanks for the comments. They are quite stunning. If only my feet were a tad wider .
Just picked up this pair of Borgioli wingtip spectators. They were a custom order, but alas they do not fit me!!! Anyway, they are beautiful, as you can see. And they now must find a new home . See the B&S forum for info if you're interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Great shoes! But how do you know the fit is off if you only put on the right shoe and didn't even walk in them? If a sales person was assisting you with fit at the trunk show, did you you try talking to that person about the issue you're having? I did not visit the trunk show in person and as such I have never worn this last before. The last is a little wider than I thought it would be, so it is not a...
Hi All- For sale is a brand new pair of Borgioli wingtip spectators in dark brown and light brown calf. I ordered these shoes at a Borgioli trunk show several months ago and they were custom made for me. I like the shoes, but they don't fit me as well as I like. So, my loss is your gain. I tried on the right shoe on carpet and didnt even walk in the shoes. As you can see in the photos, these are BRAND NEW; they havent even been creased yet. I'm selling these for...
Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer Nah, the sandals are only $1,000. It's the boots in the similar style that are $1,900. what a friggin rip off. the price must be the only real selling point for these sandals. that way, douchebags with no taste and too much money will fall all over themselves to buy these --- and wear them with their overpriced Thom Browne suits.
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