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Just got mine today. Freakin Ducks are sex
I would love to have a pair of Momotaros...maybe even Iron Heart. I do admit that some models they've come out with are far out, but I think Brandon is just having fun trying out new things or just b/c he can.
Dang people be hating right now. To each his own though. ^those tiger pants appeal to someone^ I like N&F...jut copped a pair of duck selvedge thanks to Jay @BlueOwl
Definitely been meaning to check that place out in Scottsdale
^ Chinos look sweet ^ hhmm...never seen Unbranded in AZ UO's. Better go double check. I still don't understand people getting upset and saying "now EVERYBODY has a pair of raw denim". Chillout...if people wanna get a pair then let them. I know I was excited when I got my 1st pair (Nudies)
Hi I'm new here. Names Kristian. I love music and currently unemployed aaarrrgggg!!!
New Posts  All Forums: