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I had a few MTO in that last with a 6 width. I ordered that width since I need room for an insole an thick socks. Eaton.
I think UK10 would fitt me and I am intersted in the lolipop Eaton and maybe the black Stow.Do you have any photos? Please send me a pm with price if you will post to Norway.
O.Ok, then I think a UK10 on the W2298 last will fit. Thank you.
I might be inn on a new GMTO trough Shoe Healer. Both black and mogano is ok for me. Is it Eaton on a 4444 last width 5 we are talking about? I can go for both Dainite or commando sole.
I'm all aboard this MTO if the specs rainbowgrease listed is ok for the rest of you. Regarding the eyelets I am open for both brass and dark and the binding can be what the majority want. Only reservation for me will be the fit with a width 5, I will know if it fitts me in approx a week when I recive my Acorn Eaton's.
One of my other MTO Eatons with a black binding and matching pull tab. The natrual welt have got a mix of Saphir burgundy/black/cognac added to reduce the contrast to bind all parts of the booth more togheter. That`s what I like with the natural welt, you can add that personal toutch if you want with some Saphir cream.
  Regarding the linning, would a linning with more contrast be an option (dark/light). I think a linning like  the one on this illustration from Shoe Healer would be nice. It would be matching the natrual welt and make a nice contrast to the rest of the boot. The binding and pull tab could be a tad darker than the scotch grain,   
I might be interested in the scotch grain on a 4444 last. I do prefer Eaton but I can go for any other model as long as it is with a straight toe cap.  (I guess that is the same as Eaton or Herman :-)) Medalion or no medalion... I vote for no medalion.   If it is on a red Dainite sole I prefer the linning to be of a similar colour and not blue. I already got two pairs with an orange lining so maybee red linning and pull tab?   But I let you guys decide, I`m on the...
Will recive mine in a week or so. I' m also glad we went for the 4444 last. These will be my third pair of MTO Eaton's. The two other pairs are with a width 6 so I'am eager to try them on and see if they fit the way I hope they will :-) Looking at the photos I am very happy the way they turned out and I don't think Richard at Shoe Healer will have any problems selling the extra pairs he ordered. I hope we can make another MTO Eaton on the 4444 last during 2014.
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