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Thanks! Played around on the site and they have every thing you could ever want!   Does any one know about the quality of the fabric? thread count? How it wrinkles? Quality of stitching? Etc?  
I know this thread pops up many times. I am doing my research, I just thought I would make this just to get another view point on what people think.   About me:   Recent college graduate, have some money to spend but not a lot. Price range per shirt will be between $60-$80. I want to get the basics down. 4 white shirts 2 blue shirts and a couple other shirts to change it up in the rotation.   Which brands would you recommend for a starter. I'm not expecting...
I see every one talking about these thrift stores or discount stores. I recently just graduated and now I'm looking to advance up in my quality of dress shirts as my basic building blocks in my wordrobe. I know which fits/styles/colors that I need I just want to know quality of brands, which is very important to me.   Couple quick questions hopefully some one can answer:   1. What discount stores/racks does every one go to? Store names? 2. Which brands offer a...
Kappa Sigma as well!
  Went with the dark blue gingham and khaki shorts. The blue is so deep it looks black unless you are outside. This is my favorite style of outfit, untucked shirt, short khaki shorts, and sperrys. Would wear it every day only if it didnt get cold in kansas!
  How long do you have the top? I want to do the same thing since my bangs/Cowlick work perfect for this. Thanks!
As an up and coming college graduate I do fear the lifestyle of working so many hours a week. I know I want to afford some nice things in life, and have my retirement all set up. But what I fear is that I will be working so hard to get the ball rolling that I wont be able to enjoy the things in life when I am still young and active. Like going on bike rides, rock climbing, running, camping with the friends, and so on. Life is meant for a reason, and not to sit behind a...
My browser is Firefox with add ons here and there. My home page is, which is a skiing website. I have been through every browser and my least troubling/confusing experience is with firefox.
I really have no hopes of this being "Eye Catching", just having fun and learning amount mixing patterns and what not. I am a complete newby to this whole thing. But I felt like my purple gingham, with deep purple silk tie looked pretty good for my presentation in class today. I also need to get my suit tailored. I need to make the shoulders work a little better for me and work on my sleeves as well.
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