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If you are CJ UK 5, it is better.  I should be UK 5 in CJ. I am 5.5 in EG.
I just ordered a pair of UK5 RTW.... Are u uk5 on which brand? I think u can explain your concern to Ricardo.
Thanks for your advice.   Most of those things on my pair will be no issue after wearing and polishing.  It definitely looks like silver marker pen, is it commonly used in the industry?
  I received my Novecento Marverick.   It took a longer time than I expected as he had to remake the shoes.  What happened is that the first shoes were 1 size bigger than it should be.   My size is very small which is  UK 5.5 EG and GG.  In Bastettis's last it is actually UK 4.5.  As the size gets smaller, the discrepancy between EUR sizing and UK sizing bigger. ( I experienced this with VASS too).  First test shoes were too big too, and I told Riccardo it seems more...
 NC.  Thanks for your reply it really makes sense and I see there is a good "be-speaking" relationship between you two.  Keep us updated. 
 Hi.  NC. It looks they will turn out a very interesting pair.   If you do not mind, may I ask which criteria you have for choosing your shoe makers to commission your own pair.   I am curious because you have known and personally seen many Japanese shoe makers and I assume you had not placed order to every single shoe maker you have met. 
Thanks for your info.  I did not imagine they make synthetic fiber mix cloth in Huddersfield.
2940,2941 and 2942 are 9/10 oz.  2941 is mid grey between 2940 and 2942
 I am thinking of Finmeresco trousers too.   I just got this image, which may be too dark for your needs. 
This may be a very novice question, I was looking at HFC site, and found mohair, trisco, wool blend cloth.   I googled Trisco but could not find out what it really is.  Is it a kind of synthetic material?  I appreciate if anybody can tell me what it is.  Thanks
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