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Edit: Common interests
Isn't it to time to call off for this heated discussion ? Both of you guys are far more knowledgeable than I am and I respect both of you guys. It looks to me the discussion is deviating from the common I intersects of the thread participants.
 Problem solved thanks to a kind fellow member.  I could not figure out the construction from the pictures at all.  Quite smart.
 This jacket looks great, but cannot find it on your store.  Is this under outerwear section?
I confirm my order thanks.
I don't know.  There may not be the case of law of one price applies....
They quoted me higher than Tokyo price recently.
 Hello. Despos.  I just thought big pattern is the only one which I need extra length.   So in case of barley corn as shown in Gold Finger Tweed, would I need extra length to make a jacket?  It looks a kind of directional to me. 
Size 36.  Oliver Spencer Jacket as pictured.  I think this is a lovely jacket but my wife banned it.  No alteration, full length sleeve.   Feel free to make me an inquiry.
Please amend the length of my order to 1.8M.I prefer lighter wait of the two.  It could be either large or small so 1a or 2a.
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