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Hi. I am small. 165cm. waist is 30-32 inch.
First time posting here. Pls count me in for a jacket length. Do you guys need 2.5m for a jacket ? My size is 44 Italian 36-38 uk?
I don't remember the name of the tailor.  It was not a top class house definitely.  It was mostly lapel roll and chest I think. You can definitely specify lapel width, gauge height, button stance and quarter shape.  So, it can be done better at more skillful tailor, I think.Good luck.
A friend of mine tried that with his Brioni, the final suit was very 2 dimensional according to him. 
 I happened to be in Tokyo this weekend so I managed to come to the event at the almost last minute on the last date.Mr. Yanagimachi was explaining his shoe making to some audiences.   He is very good at lecture and he must be a good teacher. Good example and logical explanation.   There are real examples of his shoes he made for clients.  They are in various sizes and designs.  All look well balanced and attractive.   They may not be super sexy photogenic babies but are...
Interested in your assessment. They are quite different so I cannot say one is over the other. I see Vass can take more beating without looking tired. Crust leather with antique finish is nice but to my eyes they look tired after a day of wearing especially on there creased part.
Hello CigarmanOut of curiosity which features are common between those two? I have not handled AS shoes personally. I have a pair of AC from LS clearance sale and had an impression that could have come from EG.Anyway price in Japan is very steep. More expensive than most of hand welted shoes or even a bedpoke shoes.
I am afraid my size would be MTOs. Nick stocked small sizes and sometimes monthly special before. I always buy trees with shoes so that part is ok, but I expect much tighter product control in RTW in place if they want to operate this way.
 Hi.  Tuxedo is not a problem at all.  I just think people do not make tuxedos often.  I made mine 10 years ago and that is my only one.If I remember correctly Empire Intl has more mixed reviews than other names you listed above. 
 Just FYI, GG bespoke starts at GBP3000 = USD 5000.  I don't know how much premium they charge for exotics. I am in the process of making Bestetti novecento.  I have not received final shoes yet so cannot really comment, but my hope is high.
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