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I confirm my order thanks.
I don't know.  There may not be the case of law of one price applies....
They quoted me higher than Tokyo price recently.
 Hello. Despos.  I just thought big pattern is the only one which I need extra length.   So in case of barley corn as shown in Gold Finger Tweed, would I need extra length to make a jacket?  It looks a kind of directional to me. 
Size 36.  Oliver Spencer Jacket as pictured.  I think this is a lovely jacket but my wife banned it.  No alteration, full length sleeve.   Feel free to make me an inquiry.
Please amend the length of my order to 1.8M.I prefer lighter wait of the two.  It could be either large or small so 1a or 2a.
Thanks.  I thought it be the case for small pattern or plain.
Hi. I am small. 165cm. waist is 30-32 inch.
First time posting here. Pls count me in for a jacket length. Do you guys need 2.5m for a jacket ? My size is 44 Italian 36-38 uk?
I don't remember the name of the tailor.  It was not a top class house definitely.  It was mostly lapel roll and chest I think. You can definitely specify lapel width, gauge height, button stance and quarter shape.  So, it can be done better at more skillful tailor, I think.Good luck.
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