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Actually Fox made similar but larger pane for Fishball.
  It could be from Bower Roebuck if the quality statement of the selvedge is correct and actually woven in UK.  The salesperson might have taken most liberal interpretation of made by "Scabal".I am guessing as I have Bower Roebuck fabric without names of mills nor merchant on the selvedge and without the country of production (but without those aster risk like symbols).  I think Scabal brand fabric should have Scabal name and "made in UK"  if it is from UK mill woven on...
 No first hand experience but I read that they produced for Dormeuil, but now belong to  HS group. an made cloth for Paul Smith.  It looks less known mill who produce good value to price fabric.  Please get some and let us know what you think.
 Thanks.  No wonder I could not find via Google. 
The last one looks nice.  May I know who produce these?
If there is a group purchase of those Ariston, I am interested in too.
 I see.  I did not need to translate the text to English so I did not realize it translated the name of the shop he works for.  Looks like the blog does not have an information about pricing, time etc.
 This Japanese person is working for Nello Caponetto in Sicily.   The first time I heard about them and did not know Japanese guys are doing apprentices in Sicily. (beyond  Napoli, Firenze and Milano)
http://www.acornfabrics.com/fabrics/zephyr-plain-green How about this?
I think the easiest way is to give them a call.   It is a kind of strange they say Trade-only, but at the same time they say non-trade must be approved after the purchase etc.
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