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They do not have much stock items but you can buy from them. http://molloyandsons.com/https://www.flickr.com/photos/molloyandsons/ As was suggested P&H are nice too.
Molloy and Sons.
I may need one and found these above. Alternatively Dorothy alteration in Central said they have leather alteration Sifu.
[[SPOILER]] Lai sifu did the same cutting to one of my jacket too when I asked for more open quarter.  After that I am careful enough to instruct him to make a curveture.He is quite good to judge horizontal and vertical balance but I need to be more careful about curve and diagonal lines.  BTW,  The jacket looks comfortable and color is nice.   
I would be upset too if the suit become unusable after 2 month, but how many times you wore the suit during the period? Any pics?   
If you see them in person with multiples orders at a time, you may be able to ask some sort of discount if you ask nicely. I think  they would not give a discount on internet based inquiry.   You must be very lucky to get your suits spot on for the first try from both style and fitting point of view. In the thread there are recent unhappy customers' report of Chan and Yao who commissioned suits with tight schedule.
Actually Fox made similar but larger pane for Fishball.
  It could be from Bower Roebuck if the quality statement of the selvedge is correct and actually woven in UK.  The salesperson might have taken most liberal interpretation of made by "Scabal".I am guessing as I have Bower Roebuck fabric without names of mills nor merchant on the selvedge and without the country of production (but without those aster risk like symbols).  I think Scabal brand fabric should have Scabal name and "made in UK"  if it is from UK mill woven on...
 No first hand experience but I read that they produced for Dormeuil, but now belong to  HS group. an made cloth for Paul Smith.  It looks less known mill who produce good value to price fabric.  Please get some and let us know what you think.
New Posts  All Forums: