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On Page 122, there is a report of CMT at Glary. I tried Glary once.  I chose check and pattern matching was not good so I have not come back since then.  Maybe I should try one more time.  
It was Tai Pan Row. I think that particular promotion ended.It is quite difficult to beat Janzen if you choose among budget shirts makers.
[[SPOILER]] I like this pair quite a lot.  Shape and color.  What is this leather?So this pair is not pegged at all?   I thought Maftei has pegged sole.
Bird's eye view if 32 and MH71.Forgive me for poor quality pics.
 Mark's jacket must be this one.  I got the picture from his shop site.  It says Olive in linen/wool.  It looks more whitish in this one.I like the tone but it could be darker. 
About dark green fresco. If it is not too solid and monotonous, I think u like it. 520ish tone is nice too but it will not become dark green.
 Indeed.   I had a chat with Andrew when he came to Hong Kong.  He gave a very frank and open opinion without mistifing the brand or shoes and you can feel the same here in this interview.
 Do you mean no-padding construction?  I am interested in if they can do it well.  You saw an actual example they did?
Hi.  Converting to EUR works fine.  I am EUR 38 in Vass.  I think problem arises when European last maker converts EUR to UK.  Each increment of half size is 0.33 inch in UK and 0.26 inch in EUR and I think they start from larger size so cumulative differences gets bigger when you come down to smaller sizes such as 5 or 5.5.  
If you are CJ UK 5, it is better.  I should be UK 5 in CJ. I am 5.5 in EG.
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