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I like tote and would like to have one with zipper. I could not find a nice leather or leather/fabric combo tote with zipper.
Dream HKD 6000 ish. I guess
I asked the same before and answer was polyester then.
It also depends on how much you would like to spend on cmt. On the higher end I know Gordon Yao accepts CMT but not for the first commission. Among value for money tailor Browns and Dream bespoke are recent SF favorites.
4 days seems tough, as I heard from this period to Chinese New Year, tailors are very busy.
Off topic but I wondered the same so I checked. It is 佘Not 余
Nice. I like 3P one. What is fabric?
I backed Cognac soft brief case. Good luck!
It is weird. It seems we continue to hear from members who were requested to make 3 minimum and who were not. Does it depend on store?? The one I used are IFC and Prince bldg. Anyway i think for the initial orders better to insist on 1 order to improve the pattern and fit.
There is no minimum order. House fabric is about HKD 1700. TM silver line is HKD 2100 or 2150.The raised a price about 25% over a year or so.
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