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2940,2941 and 2942 are 9/10 oz.  2941 is mid grey between 2940 and 2942
 I am thinking of Finmeresco trousers too.   I just got this image, which may be too dark for your needs. 
This may be a very novice question, I was looking at HFC site, and found mohair, trisco, wool blend cloth.   I googled Trisco but could not find out what it really is.  Is it a kind of synthetic material?  I appreciate if anybody can tell me what it is.  Thanks
 Yes, it drew my attention too, but I did not ask about it.  I was just busy seeing and talking about shoes.
Dear all.   Here are pictures of Foster and Son trunk show in Hong Kong. I just popped in to take a look and say hello to Andrew.  Despite busy schedule, Andrew showed me shoes and we had a chat about shoes.   Second picture is Andrew and bespoke sample Chaves and its RTW interpretation.  All those old samples are very beautiful.   I asked him a quesition I always had in my mind after seeing very old sample shoes here. "Why linings are so damaged even if they are just...
I received my boots today.  I cannot really were this pair till winter comes.  It is very hot now in Hong Kong. 34C/93F.....   Fit is OK, but the first and second hook from the top almost fully close.  What do you guys do in such a case?  Tan pad?          
Hi.  Do you mean the facing is open too wide?   It looks fine to me even now and in my experience it will close about 5mm.  Please note however, I like tight fitting and lace up firmly.
Thanks. It was done.
Hi. How did you get invoice?  I have not received it yet.
 I tend to agree and think Hove is easier to coordinate. Dover is more casual and country, but  I also agree that Dover is Dover and it has its own place.    I own 32 Last Dover and MH71 Hove.  They are very different shoes.
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