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The last one looks nice.  May I know who produce these?
If there is a group purchase of those Ariston, I am interested in too.
 I see.  I did not need to translate the text to English so I did not realize it translated the name of the shop he works for.  Looks like the blog does not have an information about pricing, time etc.
 This Japanese person is working for Nello Caponetto in Sicily.   The first time I heard about them and did not know Japanese guys are doing apprentices in Sicily. (beyond  Napoli, Firenze and Milano)
http://www.acornfabrics.com/fabrics/zephyr-plain-green How about this?
I think the easiest way is to give them a call.   It is a kind of strange they say Trade-only, but at the same time they say non-trade must be approved after the purchase etc.
I do not think a tailor charges more CMT for cotton suits.  I do not feel cotton suit cooler than wool of the same weight, but it is a different issue. If you are required to follow conservative business dress code, I would suggest something like mohair blend (careful about sheen) or Fresco type. I was wondering too what kind of job requires you to wear suits in Hong Kong but allows to wear linen or cotton suits.
How about Mersolair mohair linen blend?  Photo courtesy of Merino Brothers's Facebook
Dugdale is nice, but I feel it is warmer than mid weight fresco.   It is more tightly waved. 
I am surprised at this quote. 😱
New Posts  All Forums: