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 It looks that black thing is fusible canvass.  Some people fuse it to the cloth to make the cloth easier to handle.  Floating canvass is attached to that.   IMHO, it is justifiable if you need certain effect especially with thin and soft cloth, but it is quite often defaulted to do so in many Hong Kong tailors whatever the cloth is for productivity purpose. I have some fresco garments but did not care much about see through effect.   You cannot tell the color and patter...
 Potential answers. 1. Are you really asking this question?2. Have you taken a look at past posts of this thread?3. There is no such a thing.4. We have to define what "good" means.5. Just go to Armoury or WWChan.6. Walk around Nathan Street, they will find you.
You are extremely lucky.  I live here and found bespoke terrain in Hong Kong is more like a minefield.  
I was not aware that is still the case.  Thanks for update.
 Somebody posted a list of fabric shops in this thread.  I believe you can search.  Those shops are not really for retail walk-in, so do not expect you be treated like a king.I would not go to Western market to buy suit cloth.  
 Hi.  I just took a look on Merino brothers site and they do not look like black at all, so color wise all are OK I think.22 oz...umm I cannot think of wearing that in Hong Kong...
I heard they are trying to scale up their suits and trousers operation but do not know how successful their attempt is.I read hear Gordon Yao was making suits for them years ago.
Not a common destination for local members here.  I am not so convinced but it has been in the biz for years so there must be some happy customers.
I think cavalry twill of that color is winter staple.
I cannot wait to receive my first final shoes from Antonio.  Both of those two models are very special and appealing.  I am seriously considering to get one of these.
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