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How about Sunbeam as shown below?  I think Sunbeam is more jacketing than suiting though.  Photos take from Harrison's FB. 
Any HofE dealers in your area should be able to help.
  I guess it is about 9-10 judging from other RTW GW dress shoes.  First thing I noticed is this SPI when I got Vass shoes.Don't get me wrong.  I like Vass shoes but if it was in line with other RTW makers I would have loved it more. I wonder how much does this less SPI contribute to cost reduction?
I thought the poster meant CMT price, as you said decent flannel pants at 1K seems unlikely.
 Interesting.  Anybody has an experience with fabrics from this company?  I found this cloth attractive. 
  What is cloth of brown one?  Looks nice.
Very nice.  I do not know much about this fabric.  From which series and what number? 
 Now it makes all sense.  Congratulation to your wedding.
 I remember your post of this pair when new.   This model is on my wish list since then.  It is good to see pictures of actual shoes worn over some period of time.This TG73 looks softer somehow than others to my eyes.   I wonder why.
 Hi. It just looks to me jacket could be a touch longer especially in front.    It is my personal preference but looks to me trousers should be cuffed in this case.BTW, if you feel you stand straight and actually you don't, I think there is a chance of medical condition.  I do not mean to scare you but I have a reason to fear neulo stuff myself.  (I may be just paranoia.)
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