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I think he should consider tuxedo rental.  I have not rented one before, but you can find those service by Google.To wear, tux, you need cummer band, or waist coat, tie, proper shirts and probably braces.  They add up.  Jacket and trousers alone are usually more expensive than business suits.  I think it is quite difficult to get decent tux set around HKD5K.    It is also possible to convert tux into suits if the black suit is OK, but this can cost some money too.
I personally do not own Chan suit, but close to body fitting is quite common among Hong Kong tailors isn't it?   I have Gordon Yao and some other tailors and good fitting one tends to be closer to the body and once you ask to make it more relaxed fit, it tends to look boxy.  I also see sometime quite agressive shaping(tapering)  of waist and back of the jacket to follow the wearer's body shape.  It is based on my limited experience and observation only. 
 It is not easy to pair.  I have a pair of G&G pearl grey oxford.  I polish with tan wax and it becomes a kind of brown/grey and can go with some brown trousers.  However, it is not versatile, it will not be a pair you can just put on without thinking too much in the morning.
  I was not a fan of 1 eyelet shoes, but this one is really charming.  One question, if you do this resoling, what happens to pegged waist?  Original leather waist is slightly sliced and the rubber sole glued?
 It is more of your special area of interest and expertise.   I observed quite a few number of your posts are those questions to the posters.  I remember Pekingroadhk was criticized for repeating the same argument, but he made his own research and shared the information on his blog.  I appreciate if you could share your knowledge.  
This is very shocking to say the least.  This is definitely beyond my own fuzzy line of judgement.
[[SPOILER]] I guess you have gathered a pile of those information already.  So you already have such a table, don't you.  
Suggested Template    Price:  CMT.......2PC, 3PC,  Fresco  2PC, 3PC,  LGB  2PC, 3PC, or VBC 130   Is the price pre CNY price raise or after?   Half Canvass or Full Canvass   If Full Canvase, is it skin fused or not. (if unknown cut the thread of lining of the bottom and see inside)   Canton or Shanghai? (if unknown upload the photo)   Which workshop? (leave it blank if NA)   Fitting by Sifu or Salesman   How many fittings?   Average delivery...
I size down by half and took E (one narrower than normal) for SC compared to GG and asked to make heel cup smaller.  
I have both. 2 pairs of SC (personalized last) and many more pairs of GG.Design: I generally like GG design more. Some SC are very difficult for me to wear.Fit: It is very personal. GG fits me well as heel cup is smaller. SC has more arch support support.Shape: SC last is more roomier by default. When I got the right size, the outside measurement is shorter than GG and SC does not have much extra space at toe box in terms of length. It affects the choice of design.Leather:...
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