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@laufer Could you restate the spec you proposed? I am potentially interested in.
Oh.I have to wait GMTO happens here. My foot is too small....BTW, Stephen's picture is 360 welt stitch but the other onw looks 270? Was it special order ?
Yes. Is this Bonafe? What is this model called?
   http://cobbler.txt-nifty.com Above is his blog site, which Bengal Stripe mentioned.  He has a great collection of clothing and shoes and has a style.   
Hi. VRaivio Unfortunately there is none I can recall at this moment.   There was one which features some Man'dor and GGs bespoke but it seems the owner of the blog and shoes closed it.I think most of Japanese shoe lovers would like not to be identified by exposing their bespoke shoes in cyber space.  I think this thread is the most extensive show case of Japanese high end shoes thanks to contribution by members such as NC and bespokemakers.
I think not many Hong Kong craftsman can make overcoat. It is likely they do not have a book of appropreate cloth for duffle coat. If you know the cloth, they can order and will arriive to the shop from the shop within less than a week. I am not sure about the proper consruction of duffle coat, but mine has no internal structure so it can complicate the matter. My 2 cents thought.
How about HKG trunk show once you have range of products to show in real?
@wtd. Check out Browns in TST and Dream bespoke in Central. If your budget is less, better go to RTW.
You guys have color sample of Tote?
What is measurement of the tote Jenn carries? I thought it can be a touch smaller for Asian people.
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