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[[SPOILER]] I like this pair quite a lot.  Shape and color.  What is this leather?So this pair is not pegged at all?   I thought Maftei has pegged sole.
Bird's eye view if 32 and MH71.Forgive me for poor quality pics.
 Mark's jacket must be this one.  I got the picture from his shop site.  It says Olive in linen/wool.  It looks more whitish in this one.I like the tone but it could be darker. 
About dark green fresco. If it is not too solid and monotonous, I think u like it. 520ish tone is nice too but it will not become dark green.
 Indeed.   I had a chat with Andrew when he came to Hong Kong.  He gave a very frank and open opinion without mistifing the brand or shoes and you can feel the same here in this interview.
 Do you mean no-padding construction?  I am interested in if they can do it well.  You saw an actual example they did?
Hi.  Converting to EUR works fine.  I am EUR 38 in Vass.  I think problem arises when European last maker converts EUR to UK.  Each increment of half size is 0.33 inch in UK and 0.26 inch in EUR and I think they start from larger size so cumulative differences gets bigger when you come down to smaller sizes such as 5 or 5.5.  
If you are CJ UK 5, it is better.  I should be UK 5 in CJ. I am 5.5 in EG.
I just ordered a pair of UK5 RTW.... Are u uk5 on which brand? I think u can explain your concern to Ricardo.
Thanks for your advice.   Most of those things on my pair will be no issue after wearing and polishing.  It definitely looks like silver marker pen, is it commonly used in the industry?
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