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Hi.  Do you mean the facing is open too wide?   It looks fine to me even now and in my experience it will close about 5mm.  Please note however, I like tight fitting and lace up firmly.
Thanks. It was done.
Hi. How did you get invoice?  I have not received it yet.
 I tend to agree and think Hove is easier to coordinate. Dover is more casual and country, but  I also agree that Dover is Dover and it has its own place.    I own 32 Last Dover and MH71 Hove.  They are very different shoes.
Hi.  I amended it.  I did not realize copying pictures does not work.
  Mr. Kuti sent me a photo of my latest make-up.  On a catalog this model is based on Peter last, but after consulting with Mr. Kuti, I went with F last which I have some pairs of Oxford type already.  I am happy with the result and hope the fitting works well.
Does he have a time?  He is traveling to Hong Kong if I am not mistaken.  It is going to be very difficult to manage this remotely.
How about Sunbeam as shown below?  I think Sunbeam is more jacketing than suiting though.  Photos take from Harrison's FB. 
Any HofE dealers in your area should be able to help.
  I guess it is about 9-10 judging from other RTW GW dress shoes.  First thing I noticed is this SPI when I got Vass shoes.Don't get me wrong.  I like Vass shoes but if it was in line with other RTW makers I would have loved it more. I wonder how much does this less SPI contribute to cost reduction?
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