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I like Frescos. So suitable to Hong Kong weather.   
@ paul, I agree on  WWChan and Browns.  Both of them have more Italian taste than other tailors. I think it is important to talk with the key person at each shop and not to rush.  Chan should be within your budget unless you choose expensive fabric.  Good luck.
One of the pic against 520 for color comparison.  It is not a black.  I would say it is charcoal birds eye.It does not have much sheen as its mohair content is low.  Surface is smoother compared to normal Fresco.  I hope this helps  
I am making one now.I am making one now.  How can I help?
http://merinobrothers.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=74_93&product_id=1616     This looks quite similar.
 +1.  I would like to visit when I have a trip to UK.
 I am not sure this answers your question, but I believe you have heard of Otsuka.  It was founded in 1872 to make Western shoes and company website says it imported GY machine in 1922. Web site is in Japanese, I hope Google translates works well enough. http://www.otsuka-shoe.com/history/index.html
I am interested in A1, but   Measurement is tricky and very depend on how you want your jacket fit. I noticed young guys tend to wear A2 very short and tight for example.   Can you provide your garments measurement for each measurement points listed above for each size?
The place I mentioned 2 or 3 posts above can do sleeve, shoulders, length, etc.  Job around the collar sounds more complicated though. 
 地址:中環皇后大道中35號商業大廈7樓706室TEL:25211180 96832077(DOROTHY小高)ROOM706,7/F,COMMERCIAL HOUSE 35 QUEEN‘S RD,CENTRAL,HONG KONG BTW. I am assuming you are not talking about all hand sewn shirts from Italy or France.
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