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How about HKG trunk show once you have range of products to show in real?
@wtd. Check out Browns in TST and Dream bespoke in Central. If your budget is less, better go to RTW.
You guys have color sample of Tote?
What is measurement of the tote Jenn carries? I thought it can be a touch smaller for Asian people.
I like tote and would like to have one with zipper. I could not find a nice leather or leather/fabric combo tote with zipper.
Dream HKD 6000 ish. I guess
I asked the same before and answer was polyester then.
It also depends on how much you would like to spend on cmt. On the higher end I know Gordon Yao accepts CMT but not for the first commission. Among value for money tailor Browns and Dream bespoke are recent SF favorites.
4 days seems tough, as I heard from this period to Chinese New Year, tailors are very busy.
Off topic but I wondered the same so I checked. It is 佘Not 余
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