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 Mr. Pink is right.   1 yard =  0.9144 m , 1 square yard = (0.914)^2 = 0.836 square meter. 1 oz = 28.35 gram  so conversion factor is 28.35/0.836 = 33.91 I have a spence bryson sample book. It says. Dunluce = 130 g/m2, 3.8 oz/yd2  (smoother and slightly more tightly woven than quintin)Quintin = 142 g/m2, 4.2 oz/yd2 I would not worry too much about the weight itself.  Nature of material and weave keeps you feel cool (or makes you think as if you feel cool).Lighther, thinner...
 What I would do is as follows.   If you attempt to try, do so at your own risk. Remove the wax and cream with cleaner. Gentry use sand paper #600, #1000, #1500 and #2000 to smooth the surface.  or melamine foam instead of #2000. Apply Saphir Creme Renovatrice (the one in tube) of lighter color than actual shoes color. Leave it dry.  If the surface becomes rough due to dried cream, use sand paper again to smooth the surface. Apply shoe cream, polish.  
 If not informed as made in England, I would have thought this sole is Alden.  I took a look at my CJ bench made, but it does not look like this at all. I don't think this is cordovan looking at the way it creases as you said.
Did you see that the original ad was deleted by modarator but remains in your quote?   You are helping the ad poster by quoting it because it raises the attention of others and to-be-deleted post remains in your quote.  Ironically, the above ad garment which is visible on your quote does not look bad.
Thank you Mr. Pink.  I did not know that there are Leno weave and Mock Leno weave.  I have a fabric which is feels like gauze, so it could be leno weave. 
Thanks for info. So this is a name given to a weaving pattern? I thought this is a kind of hopsack.
 Real life picture of Mock Leno (Black) on Fresco III book.  Smith has also a fabric called Mock Leno (heavier weight?) are they similar?
 Machine wash with gentle mode and hung dry.  (My shirts are not hand sewn.)
 I have not seen those conversion in real.  I just read and heard about it. (with pre-arrangement with the taylor).   It may be quite a big surgery and there may be a compromise for either as a tux and suit.  Edit: I found a website which explains how it can be done, but it is not something really recommended. 
I think he should consider tuxedo rental.  I have not rented one before, but you can find those service by Google.To wear, tux, you need cummer band, or waist coat, tie, proper shirts and probably braces.  They add up.  Jacket and trousers alone are usually more expensive than business suits.  I think it is quite difficult to get decent tux set around HKD5K.    It is also possible to convert tux into suits if the black suit is OK, but this can cost some money too.
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