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How about Mersolair mohair linen blend?  Photo courtesy of Merino Brothers's Facebook
Dugdale is nice, but I feel it is warmer than mid weight fresco.   It is more tightly waved. 
I am surprised at this quote. 😱
Hi.  Is there any photos of Enzo Bonafe aubergine  calf shoes other than the boots on Skoak's website? I am trying to decide on the color for MTO and would like to have box calf for chelsea boots.   Thanks
Hi. I thought Summer comfort is 240g and discontinued one (Air wool) is 280g. I am not certain so I hope somebody correct me if I am wrong.
@laufer Thank you for your reply. It should look very sharp but the combination of last and chukka model seems not work for me. I hope someone can join in soon.
@laufer Could you restate the spec you proposed? I am potentially interested in.
Oh.I have to wait GMTO happens here. My foot is too small....BTW, Stephen's picture is 360 welt stitch but the other onw looks 270? Was it special order ?
Yes. Is this Bonafe? What is this model called?
   http://cobbler.txt-nifty.com Above is his blog site, which Bengal Stripe mentioned.  He has a great collection of clothing and shoes and has a style.   
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