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 Quite common in the back street. It quite depends on your lifestyle.  I take public transportation which means walking outside. Shirts + casual jacket or cardigan to prevent getting cold in freezing office is practical for me.
Already in linen for past two days.
Sorry for not being clear enough.  I have blue POW and solid grey (mid grey).  I feel PoW more wooly and warmer than plain.  It is just how I feel it. 
@911 _11.  You are right, I don't think Fresco wears cool in HKG summer.  I wear Fresco this week and find it quite comfortable.  A bit warm and humid weather.      I have some Rangoon bought from Kolecho which were not made up yet.  I think they will be good.   Dugdale NFW difference from pattern.  From my experience only solid grey wears cooler than PoW.  @hifillover it seems you are referring to bulk price of D.
I like Frescos. So suitable to Hong Kong weather.   
@ paul, I agree on  WWChan and Browns.  Both of them have more Italian taste than other tailors. I think it is important to talk with the key person at each shop and not to rush.  Chan should be within your budget unless you choose expensive fabric.  Good luck.
One of the pic against 520 for color comparison.  It is not a black.  I would say it is charcoal birds eye.It does not have much sheen as its mohair content is low.  Surface is smoother compared to normal Fresco.  I hope this helps  
I am making one now.I am making one now.  How can I help?
http://merinobrothers.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=74_93&product_id=1616     This looks quite similar.
 +1.  I would like to visit when I have a trip to UK.
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