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It is weird. It seems we continue to hear from members who were requested to make 3 minimum and who were not. Does it depend on store?? The one I used are IFC and Prince bldg. Anyway i think for the initial orders better to insist on 1 order to improve the pattern and fit.
There is no minimum order. House fabric is about HKD 1700. TM silver line is HKD 2100 or 2150.The raised a price about 25% over a year or so.
Hi. The shoes are not mine actually. I was told the pair was 12 year old.
Resole job of StC. I took a picture at recent trunk show. I remember Phillip told me this is the third resole.
My Dover Bauxite on 32 E last. Sorry for low quality iphone picture and low quality pants.  
http://www.styleforum.net/t/375196/saint-crispins-shrunken-leather-problems-and-questions I hope the issue was sorted out.  I am thinking of getting another pair...
Thanks, MoosicPa Your boot is a real killer.  I am in the process of making a pair (not a boots though) with the same leather.I may ask some minor changes of the shape for this second pair, but am quite happy with the Churchill's fitting.
Second day with my bespoke Churchill. Fitting is very good despite this being the first pair.
@Seamasterlux, I think they did a nice replication job. Out of curiosity, did they manage to replicate how the sleeve work with arms' movement? Do you feel the same when you move your arms?
Hi. About Nevis GMTO. For mahogany, is it possible to order D width as it is over 6 pairs now? Or am I confused with some other makers GMTO condition? Was the final price decided? I was just LOOKING but tempted after seeing the picture of the actual makeup.
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