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It is just so common tailors/salesman  forget what he told me to do.  Not only traveling one but local one. Beyond certain point, I would give up dealing with them (local or traveling).  I have not heard of "do whatever customer wants" tailor from Europe so I found his experience interesting.  
That is the one.  
 No need to mention the name, but I am interested to hear about the experience.  I had experience that tailors did not do what I and he agreed. ie.  half lining vs full lining, light padding vs heavy padding etc.  
Recent discussion of Baotao (CMT) is interesting but it just shows the fact there is so few good tailor in Hong Kong. Customers feel being ripped off.  Tailors (salesperson) hate knowledgeable customers.  There is no "be-speaking" relationship here.  
  PA is nylon.
  I have 516 and 517.  I did not feel 517 is gray/blue.  520 is more like airforce blue with grey/slate.  To my eyes 516 and 579 are very close but 579 is more true navy.  
Have u tried email? I know some vendors who don't repyly to Insta DM.
I have one Bel. I can see fusible. Fuse and unconstructed do not contradict I think.
 ___www.huddersfieldtextiles.net/clothcollections/#/englishgarbedine/ I just saw this recently.  I have not bought from them before and it is not a brand name cloth though.I think they were the people working for Dugdale before so I am hoping that their quality is good enough.
RTW is better at that price point.
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