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Second day with my bespoke Churchill. Fitting is very good despite this being the first pair.
@Seamasterlux, I think they did a nice replication job. Out of curiosity, did they manage to replicate how the sleeve work with arms' movement? Do you feel the same when you move your arms?
Hi. About Nevis GMTO. For mahogany, is it possible to order D width as it is over 6 pairs now? Or am I confused with some other makers GMTO condition? Was the final price decided? I was just LOOKING but tempted after seeing the picture of the actual makeup.
I am wearing 0511 right now and love it. If you prefer something slightly warmer, how about Crispaire?
No personal experience but I read in SF somebody tried a tailor in Worldwide house which offers competitive price. Otherwise, how about tailors in Lippo centre?   If you look for budget shirts maker, rent must be cheaper.   I tried two small shirts makers in Causeway Bay, I mean the shop with sewing machine inside their place, but the result was mixed at best. Not cheaper than Jantzen and not better or sometimes worse than Jantzen.    I wish you a good luck with your...
On Page 122, there is a report of CMT at Glary. I tried Glary once.  I chose check and pattern matching was not good so I have not come back since then.  Maybe I should try one more time.  
It was Tai Pan Row. I think that particular promotion ended.It is quite difficult to beat Janzen if you choose among budget shirts makers.
[[SPOILER]] I like this pair quite a lot.  Shape and color.  What is this leather?So this pair is not pegged at all?   I thought Maftei has pegged sole.
Bird's eye view if 32 and MH71.Forgive me for poor quality pics.
 Mark's jacket must be this one.  I got the picture from his shop site.  It says Olive in linen/wool.  It looks more whitish in this one.I like the tone but it could be darker. 
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