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 In which bunch of Dugdale, are those included?
Thanks guys who replied and told me how to track the link.  I did not the function. Much appreciated.
 Coudl you let me know which book are you referring to?  I went back some pages but could not find the original post. (and I did also searched Isolaion's post).  Thanks.
 I think oz should be per yard and gram should be per meter not to mix imprerial and metric.  1 meter = 1.09361 yard.  7.5 oz per yard is 233 g per meter which is closer to 240 g. 
I assume the question is genuine.   I think this is the maker. "www.hl-fabric.co*/content/4-about-us" (replace * with m to open) I am not sure if there is a dealer in HKG or sell direct to tailors.   If you ask around ShamShuiPo area, you may find the shop that sells those.
 Oh. I mistook it his suede garment. I take a look. Thanks for correction.
I believe it is suede
 I like twils for trousers. Whipcord, cavalry twills etc.  I would like to take a look at summer weight twills.Could you let me know which merchant/mill/book to take a look?  Thank you.
 As Chobo said, everything is too hot if you are outside in HKG humid summer.If you go finer fabric (sub 8oz)  you can only wear in summer time and tends to be not so durable.9oz Dugdale not a summer fabric IMO but wearable longest period of the year except coldest and hottest months. Nice choice of fabric and I would not blame sales rep explaining it to be "all season". 
Billybats.  In essence you gave 10/10 to Chan as it is imopossible to get real all season fabric in HKG.  If you are in always (24hour) in AC room, 8-9 oz or 9-10 oz fabric (Dugdale NFW or HS Crispair or HE Frontier) may be used all year around.  I wish your Wanchai tailor can do a good job of replication.  It is not a easy thing in realty.  May I know which fabric Chan used for your suit? 
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