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I see. Got to be pure black.
Rangoon was discontinued. So you need to find old stock or make a roll approximately 60 meter. It is a very suit like texture fabric.Harrison's Sunbeam has charcoal open weave fabric which may suit your need.
You can tell if they are grey,blue or brown.  That is all. 
Fresco II collection 504 is actually black.
 I think it is good.  Nobody in your office would complain. May be due to your posture, is there a collar gap between shirts and jacket?  Do you have a pic of trouser back?
 I have a pair of Burnham and I have relativelyl high instep.  It fits well but not easy to put it on and off and I need a long enough shoe horn, so it is not airport friendly for me.  They adjusted instep of my double monk (I forgot the model name), because the closure backle alignment did not work at all.  It was may be 2 years ago, so I don't know if they can do that now, plus the complexity of the job can be different depending on the model.
1) According to their web site, suits start at HKD 4672.  This is official price.  +2000 is 6672.  for lesser known fabric than VBC 130.At least it is consistent with what they say officially.   2) The poster did not ask the adequacy of the price in the first place. 3) You want to highlight the fact that the price is not the same to all customers in Hong Kong tailoring industry? so we have to bid 50% of their offer price and show that you are about to walk away and wait...
I thought about W.Bill, but it is 15 oz. You may have to go Italian to get lighter one. ARISTON?
I second to Tin Lin. I narrowed shoulders but not widened before.
Yes. On the same floor as leatherhealer. Better make sure that Dorothy is there for complicated stuff.
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