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They could be, but this is a bait to attact the customers so that they can talk customers into making suits and jackets with them.  I guess you need to withstand about 1 hour of sales talk of sales person on each visit.  As Pekingroad describes, it looks possible to breakeven to sell shirts HKD 399 for 3.  I further guess HKD 230 shirt tailor may use the same workshop and take profit of HKD 100 per shirts, so HKD 230 can be as good (or bad) as HKD 399/3.
 I checked Groupon.  HKD399 for 3 shirts with pure cotton fabric.... the thing is that you may find HKD 230 per shirt tailor, but it may not be any better than HKD 399 for 3 shirts tailor.  
There is a easy alteration and difficult one.  One out of the rack suits fits you better than the other for a particular body type. It is possible that you can just wear the jacket by adjusting the sleeve length only.
 This is interesting.  I took a look at their IG and found the same image and another shot.   I believe these are the same pair but cap of this pair looks more straight to my eyes.  What do you think?
Cotton solaro is on the book of Cacciopoli and Ariston.  Both are not easily available as cut length as far as I know.  You may post this question to Unfunded Liabilitie thread.
 In short, my subjective judgement is no.  I may be wrong, but I would not risk my own money to try.  
[[SPOILER]]  If you go for more textured jacket only fabric, Mockleno is quite interesting.   Normal Fresco (both in II and III) has more coarse feeling than Fresco Lite.I think you should touch the fabric if possible cut length and go for what you like most.  Among those Mockleno and Bamboo are jacketing and others are suiting, but  I think navy Fresco can work as a separate jacket.  I actually wear navy Fresco as a separate jacket, but I have to admit I am not a dapper.
I think it is quite possible that it is a typo on Web site.  I don't have the book now, but my understanding is thatFresco 3 book has Fresco Light (8-9 oz) which is smoother, Mock Leno (3 shades), mohair blend (the same as Fresco 2), 9-10 Oz (the same quality as mid weight Fresco 2) and 14-15 oz (the same quality as heavy one in Fresco 2).   They give different code to the same cloth in Fresco 2 book when they list in Fresco 3.  so color code such as 520, 516 etc have...
I have a Dover on 32last. It is straight and rather narrow last. So if you have wide foot, it may not be for you.
I like this gunclub more than blanket one.  Shoulder line looks more natural to me.  Nice fabric in both cases, I may not be able to wear the blanket one due to my small body.
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