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About the Meltonian product, the story I know of is that Japanese shoe care products company called R&D who was a distributor of Meltonian products launcehd the brand called Mowbrey due to the demand for non-black color shoe cream.  They say it is based on old Meltonian formulae.  You can find this brand easily in Japan so members traveled in Japan might have seen those.  I used to use Meltonian and subsequently Mowbray.  Now I use moslty Saphir. Meltonian and Mowbray...
  Oh my bad, sorry.  So you mean there is a gap and feels bump here? I drew a fine blue line.
You mean "cap" toe design?  It is quite common design. It is possible to make brogue and line on plain toe shoes, but real cap toe design has a layer of leather just as AM one.  Or am I totally missing your points??
  Hi. About the heel stack, it is a quite common feature for bespoke shoes.  I forgot about the technicality but I remember some consider this is actually desirable feature.  I have bespoke shoes with and without this kind of heal.  Early production of Gaziano and Girling RTW had this heel.  I am not sure about brogue problem.  Some of the holes are not in line?   
Marco just confirmed me that they have my last.  
@siegolindo thanks for your update.   I heard Marco is coming to Asia too.  I have a pair of Novecento line shoes from several years ago and if they can find my last I may order another pair.    I saw they went around US for trunk shows.  If any other members here attended, I would like to hear what they think.  
Stacked leather part above top lift are glued, nailed (pegged) separately from top lift.  So removing top lift does not interfere with the heel block itself.   Replacing top lift is cheper than replacing the enitire heel and not all heels are the same especially for high end shoes.   Worn out heels to the point beyond leather part does not look good.
I think why not, but 14-15 is version is not so summery either.
My Vass from 2 years ago has Vass stamp on the sole. My previous pairs have JR stamp.
+1.  You can ask the shoemaker to finish it with super mirror shine for the event.  moreover, to me patent leather shoes should be very narrrowly welted to make it more elegant.  I think I saw one by EG with cemented construction (which I think well serves its purpose).   I am sure Antonio can make a narrow welt, but his default is more practical welt width and not so thin outer sole. 
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