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Thanks for being so transparent. I know you didn't need to be but it was nice to get some insight into your situation.
I'm really confused by your appearance Hirsh. Differences in skin tone from face to hands, hair and age. You have made reference to illness a few times, but some insight into what your suffering from might be good.
Field Coat in Moss on NeedSupply for about $300.
Nice. I hadn't seen the Oxblood on many sites before but I wear a lot of Navy and I think they will pair well.
Nice pricing on Buttero at Rooney. Just snapped a couple up myself.   http://www.rooneyshop.com/collections/vendors?q=Buttero
It's Australia Day today and we took the boat out to an island off Sydney Harbour. At 7AM this morning when we went out it was freezing. Besides that it's been raining and only about 23 degrees.Came prepared though On the jacket, I also considered the navy wool but I went with the Moss Green in the field coat and the Navy Wool in the Blazer Coat.Alternative. Weather is pretty average unfortunately.Beers are cold so all good J.CrewErvell
Tom Ford Ervell J.Crew Ervell CP
Not drunk : Drunk Barena Kitsune Acne CP
I just received my first Barena blazer yesterday (Slanega) and it's very nice.    I'd say it fits me perfectly however if I was any bigger, I think it'd be getting a bit too small - I bought the 50.    That said, I don't think there's a rule with Barena as some styles fit larger/smaller from what i've read.   I take a 38/M in most things with a relaxed/regular cut, however if the item is super slim i'd take a 50 and chop the sleeves.   I do think however that I...
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