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Do the current season standard jeans have the ribbon waist like last season did? I bought the navy and army colours last season in 34 and they're too big, but I am not sure if 32 with the ribbon waist would have been too small. I really don't like the baggy thighs on last seasons (considering slimming) and the new season standard jeans look much slimmer (good).
 Sorry, not half the price. In Australia list is; Price: $50,500 (220i), $52,500 (220d), $79,900 (M235i) - plus on-roads
The wheels need changing ASAP on the M235i I think - really boring IMO.    Further to my preview comment about the interior, there was nothing wrong with the seating position, but this is a car which is also going to be sold for half the M235i price so the materials used are not upgraded throughout. The technology and display in the car is fantastic also. One thing I think lacks a little in the SQ5 but will likely be addressed in the next generation Q5. 
I got the chance to drive the new M235i the other day and I must say I had a blast driving it.    Brilliant performance, however as much as I loved the feel of the car on the road, the cabin just fell a little flat on me.  
Not sure what cut those Acne jeans are, but I wear both the Max Raw and Max Cash styles and they are very good.   I remember back when I was buying them that I tried the APC variants but preferred the cut of the Acne jeans. 
I remember when we spoke about those Carven pants a long time ago. Nice pickup!Shirts are from End (Acne) and TBS (APC). Blazer is BNWT from SF B&S, $200 shipped I think the Barena is about $600 on Roden.
Where is 'here'?
I just priced up an SQ5 with similar specs to mine on the UK site and the car came to 51k GBP / 92k AUD drive away. My car was close to 120k with all taxes etc, however I got it down to 99k. The car is less expensive in the UK, even with my large discount. I stand by my comment that cars are more expensive in Australia. Still, significantly less so than Singapore
The Australian delivered SQ5's are Diesel. Well expensive in that the SQ5 runs closer to 60-70k loaded in the US by comparison (I believe). I should also clarify that I got an incredibly good deal on my SQ5. With all options they can be as high as 120k. The difference is even greater as you go up. That $99k Aston posted earlier is easily $250k-$300k here. 100k goes a hell of a lot further in the US compared with Australia. I'd get a 2006 Vantage for $99k here.
Lovely Cayman - Congrats!   If only we had the same market in Australia as you do in the states. Cars are expensive here and the dollar does not go as far.   $100k in Australia buys you this (loaded) Audi SQ5 which I just bought to replace my MKVI GTI (which cost $50k once optioned).     Bit of a change from the GTI with more room for my first born due in August.
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