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  My boss drives an A5 and has 2 child seats in the back for his 3 and 5 year old boys. I've had to take the seats in and out a couple of times to help him and it's not pretty. Of course I would have rather buy the RS5, but it simply is not practical enough.   I did consider the Avant but I really liked the idea of the SQ5's BiTurbo Diesel and appearance. The RS4 is also 30-40k more expensive than an SQ5 here and I didn't really want a 'wagon'. 
I toyed with going with a simple black for a while, but I guess something about buying an SUV (I was buying an RS5 until we found out we're pregnant), made me go with something a little more striking. 
I've been to that dealership 100 times, and normally it is pretty much full to the brim with cars on that upper level.    Typically people getting new cars delivered get a little spot over to the side which is still draped and roped off as mine was.   However on Saturday, they had been moving a lot of stock around so I just happened to get a wide open presentation area.  
Picked up the SQ5 on the weekend. Euro spec in Australia with the Bi-Turbo Diesel.   
Well I'm pretty sure when I posted the other day you could have snagged outerwear at a massive discount. It was 30% off by default plus the code still worked. Once the web store hits 50% off ill likely try a few other things also.
Ervell Standard Jeans in Navy and Dove Grey.    
 Outerwear is still 30% off, 30% off FLASH30SS14 code still works and free worldwide shipping. GO! I just snapped up Navy and Dove Grey pairs of Standard Jeans from the current season.  They look quite a bit slimmer (in the thigh) compared with FW so hopefully they fit nicely. I find the thigh in the FW to be 'baggy'. I went down to 32 also as the 32 is only half an inch smaller than the 34. On last seasons, the 32's were a full inch smaller (laying flat).  
Barena Acne Bottega Veneta MMM
Definitely last seasons standard jeans, of which I have both the Navy and Army colours in size 34. Tapered below the knee but very relaxed in the thigh. They're too big for me (I want a slim cut 32) so if 34 suits let me know.
Surprised to read that slack tide because the current season are definitely different in their cut/shape. Last seasons has a lot more room in the thigh and seat which you can see clearly comparing two. This seasons standard jeans are slimmer right through the leg. Look at the railroad stripe jeans for an idea of what last seasons were like. Not nearly as slim as current season standard jeans. So they may be slightly lighter weight, but they're also a different cut...
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