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About 2 years I guess - less even. Ever since I joined SF. I didn't have a clue before SF Missing are some Mr Hare Derbies and a couple pairs of Loake's (Brown Suede and Black Leather).
Barena Kitsune Ervell Grenson (no vis)
Louis.W OL Ervell CP
 Pulled all my shoes out today to do a bit of an overall clean-up and sort out our spare room which is being turned into a Nursery (from essentially a wardrobe for the wife and I. It wasn't until I pulled all of the boxes and shoes out that I realised how many I actually had - so I thought i'd take a quick picture. Missing from the picture are a couple pairs of Loakes for rare occasions where I suit up.   Favourite Brands: CP, MMM, Lanvin, ButteroMost Favourite: Lanvin...
Seen this in many Buttero and CP sneakers (they share the same sole). Can't recall if any of the pairs I own are like the but I've never noticed it when wearing them.
Kitsune Wool CPO A.P.C Poplin Kitsune Corduroy Alden Suede Boots
It's not summer time here... OP W&H Kitsune Ervell CP Mismo
These FW13 jeans need a few more washes to soften up. Still incredibly stiff. J.Crew Levi's Ervell MMM
  Tom Ford Barena Acne Acne Redwing (want to replace with Raf Derbies) Mismo
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