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 Pulled all my shoes out today to do a bit of an overall clean-up and sort out our spare room which is being turned into a Nursery (from essentially a wardrobe for the wife and I. It wasn't until I pulled all of the boxes and shoes out that I realised how many I actually had - so I thought i'd take a quick picture. Missing from the picture are a couple pairs of Loakes for rare occasions where I suit up.   Favourite Brands: CP, MMM, Lanvin, ButteroMost Favourite: Lanvin...
Seen this in many Buttero and CP sneakers (they share the same sole). Can't recall if any of the pairs I own are like the but I've never noticed it when wearing them.
Kitsune Wool CPO A.P.C Poplin Kitsune Corduroy Alden Suede Boots
It's not summer time here... OP W&H Kitsune Ervell CP Mismo
These FW13 jeans need a few more washes to soften up. Still incredibly stiff. J.Crew Levi's Ervell MMM
  Tom Ford Barena Acne Acne Redwing (want to replace with Raf Derbies) Mismo
Surprised to hear the negative experiences with FF as I've always received my orders from (through?) them quickly. I just bought a new bag for my boss through FF today so hopefully no issues.
They won't stretch.
Took some inspiration from the above fit for an outdoor work BBQ today.No front shot sorry, however overall fit looked quite similar to the above with the shorts exchanged.Tom FordKitsuneAcne (No vis scoop neck white T)LanvinMMM
As a reference point, I wear 32 APC PNS and 32 Acne Max Raw which stretch out to 33, my true size.    I've got the FW13 Standard Jeans in 34 and as I mentioned earlier they are really quite baggy in the thighs, taper from the knee into a slim/straight leg. In the waist i'd say they're about an inch too big for me.    I just received the SS14 Standard Jeans in 32 and these feel like a size 30 easily. I managed to get them done up, but I could barely fit my ass/hips/junk...
New Posts  All Forums: