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Ah yes, saw those. One of the photo shoots which swayed my decision. They look fantastic.
Keep in mind that the US SQ5 is a V6T, and that is what the TAG Motorsports cars were based on. Mines a V6 Bi-Turbo TDI, per UK spec with 650nm at stock. The tunes available for this particular motor are not the same, and are quite expensive for the gains you get. However the times for the V6T, US spec SQ5 is quite different. A simple visit to APR is all you need. Not the same with mine unfortunately, yet.
Nice! I've had a look into a few of the tuners such as ABT, but they're asking ridiculous $, 4k-5k for relatively small gains. I guess I was spoilt with my GTI where you can get a nice Stage II APR tune and exhaust for less money with huge gains. That all said, 5s 0-100 in a car of this size is not anything to worry about really. I'm just used to modding lol. I may look into some ADV's or similar with the KW lot to give it some stance.
Forgot I took this the other day. Really like the Daylight LED's on the SQ5. Car has some great presence on the road without being a full size SUV. Noise it makes helps with that I suppose. Really enjoying the car so far. Travelled about 2500km across the past 5 weeks. Performance is fantastic from the Bi-Turbo diesel. I'm keen to see what mods/tunes are available but nothing reasonable has hit the market so far from what I can tell. Best thing about the car is the...
About 2 years I guess - less even. Ever since I joined SF. I didn't have a clue before SF Missing are some Mr Hare Derbies and a couple pairs of Loake's (Brown Suede and Black Leather).
Barena Kitsune Ervell Grenson (no vis)
Louis.W OL Ervell CP
 Pulled all my shoes out today to do a bit of an overall clean-up and sort out our spare room which is being turned into a Nursery (from essentially a wardrobe for the wife and I. It wasn't until I pulled all of the boxes and shoes out that I realised how many I actually had - so I thought i'd take a quick picture. Missing from the picture are a couple pairs of Loakes for rare occasions where I suit up.   Favourite Brands: CP, MMM, Lanvin, ButteroMost Favourite: Lanvin...
Seen this in many Buttero and CP sneakers (they share the same sole). Can't recall if any of the pairs I own are like the but I've never noticed it when wearing them.
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