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Kitsune Acne Ervell CP
  Ervell Kitsune Ervell Buttero   Barena Acne Bottega Veneta MMM     Acne Acne Ervell MMM
I've got the FW version in navy and it's an incredible suede bomber.Wanted the tan also but Roden sold out of the medium quicker than I hoped.
 Meant to post about this a while back - my apologies. In a nutshell, while the cut is essentially the same between the two seasons, there is CLEARLY a difference in fit between the two 34's from FW and SS. Both have that kinda awkward roomy thigh on the sides, but it is much less prominent on the SS as the cloth is more like a trouser than jeans. The FW are heavy and thick and hold form more - they feel boxy by comparison. Overall, the SS also fit tighter in the waist and...
This one? http://tres-bien.com/brand/aspesi/murakami-jacket-greenI've got this same jacket in the blue from last year and it fits quite slim for an L. [[SPOILER]]
 +1 on East Dane Mismo pricing. With Buttero, they're not lined like CP's so you can definitely size down 1.  I've got Buttero in 41, 41.5 and 42 and all fit fine. The 42's are the chukka and I wear thicker socks. For CP's, I basically always buy 42 because they're lined/padded. MMM, 42. I'm a US9. 
I almost bought those GAT's about 3 times in the past month or two.   Saw them on MrP for about $250 landed but passed again as I have too many shoes and my white/grey GAT's serve the same purpose these would essentially.   Nice pickup though!
Can't see any detail in these ssense shots..   Maison Kitsune - Micro Herringbone     A.P.C - Navy small polka dot on Ivory  
Really good deals in fact. Grabbed a couple of shirts. Killer deal on a Mismo M/S Bag. $600 bag for about $220 USD. I'd have bought that too but I have one already in the dark green. Great bags for work.
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