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I can eat fish, but only if its been scaled and cleaned properly.    Seafood has the greatest reaction where my throat swells considerably and I feel like i'm trying to swallow a golf ball. Not fun at all to be honest.   I remember once the wife was cooking chicken in some sort of sauce. She dunked a few prawns in and took them out and it almost killed me. 
Australian.Father is from NZ (made up of British mother/German father), mother is Australian (with AUS parents also). Without the jacket.To me at least, the shoes are good when the look is cleaner and can be the sole contrasting element?
  I'm allergic to shell fish (along with raw nuts, soy and bananas). Really weird mix of allergies. 
Trying something different today. Armani Rag Acne MMM
Nothing new in the past couple months except a pair of MMM GAT's like pictured above in black.   I only have one pair of patent leather cap toe Lanvin sneakers.   Most of my other shoes are leather/suede sneakers and a couple pair of Loake for more formal occasions. 
It's my crossed eyes.. They make me look more realistic
Kitsune Lanvin MMM Aspesi APC Lanvin MMM
Yup. More details required with that story.    FF were great for me when I placed an order. 
  kg's fit is awesome as usual, but don't discount yours.   I think the Navy looks fantastic on you mate. 
I think I got in at 20 and sold at 21    With the 372 on the way, I got out before the potential destruction in value.
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