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Congrats. Saw a few new season models in person today. Keen!
Ervell Kitsune Industrie CP Also, had some W&H gear arrive in the office today which included this blazer. The jacket is straight out of the box so was all wrinkled etc, but overall I really like it. While the pictures might not show it, I probably should have sized down one as its a little big in the body. Though not sure how it might have fit in the shoulders if I did.
 Am really enjoying seeing your regular fits mate! Also, what are those boots? I'm not familiar with 'Holders'.
  Kitsune Country Road Industrie CP
Nice etudes Who! They have it half off on their site but once in the cart it's not reduced...
A roll like the last 2 pages can't last forever... So many great fits. Aspesi Kitsune Lanvin Lanvin
If you have wide feet yes.
I think sizing is different for everyone - mostly depending on the width of your feet.   I have wide feet as an example.    41 in Suede Tournament (no padding) 42 in Achilies / Vintage (padding) 42 in GAT's 7.5G UK in Grenson 8UK in McNairy/MrHare 41.5 in Buttero
While I can appreciate how much clearer the shots look, it just comes off so staged. Belongs on look book IMO, not here. But who am I to say. Looking good btw Casey. SNS Herning Country Road Levi's Buttero
Our Legacy Bottega Veneta MMM Kitsune A.P.C. Industrie Buttero
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