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I think sizing is different for everyone - mostly depending on the width of your feet.   I have wide feet as an example.    41 in Suede Tournament (no padding) 42 in Achilies / Vintage (padding) 42 in GAT's 7.5G UK in Grenson 8UK in McNairy/MrHare 41.5 in Buttero
While I can appreciate how much clearer the shots look, it just comes off so staged. Belongs on look book IMO, not here. But who am I to say. Looking good btw Casey. SNS Herning Country Road Levi's Buttero
Our Legacy Bottega Veneta MMM Kitsune A.P.C. Industrie Buttero
Rapefruit, my 'kills it' comment was probably a bit too aggressive. I am a huge fan of Ervell and his simple look. However in this case I just really love that dip dye sweat and I prefer the CP bball highs to MMM highs.
Hey I like both fits also. They're both going for a similar look as far as I can tell though so I made the comparison. The Geller details add something to it IMO.
Nice, however Mellon's Geller dip dye fit back a page kills this.
Kitsune Kitsune Kitsune Alden  
What does wearing those shoes have anything to do with my facial expression and then ultimately this thread?    meh 
All because I had my mouth open (talking to the dog) when the picture was taken?
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