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Kitsune Lanvin MMM Aspesi APC Lanvin MMM
Yup. More details required with that story.    FF were great for me when I placed an order. 
  kg's fit is awesome as usual, but don't discount yours.   I think the Navy looks fantastic on you mate. 
I think I got in at 20 and sold at 21    With the 372 on the way, I got out before the potential destruction in value.
Yup had the 127 myself but it only lasted 12 months. $20k into one was just nuts, even for a PAM nut like me. 372 now
Well by the above, if the 8.5D in the suede boot is fine if not a little long, than the LWB would be ideal in an 8E. Thanks guys.
In recent years I've steered clear of slim/smaller dial watches. By small I mean 40mm lol. Mostly because I've bought Panerai's exclusively. I would love a 15400 and it could very well be a choice in the near future. Though I would probably move my 5001 Porto if going down that route.
I have located and am seriously considering the Alden Color #8 LWB in US8 E.   The issue however is that the Alden Snuff Boots I have are an 8.5D. Both the boots and the LWB are Barrie as you would know.   Now the boots do feel like they could be a tiny bit long, but generally they are incredibly comfortable with no comfort issues at all.   Basically they fit better, more snug with thicker socks.    What I am wondering is whether or not the LWB is likely...
Yes I do.
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